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Soft Tread Anti Slip Coating – Standard Colors

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Discover the Superior Protection of Soft Tread Anti-Slip Coatings – Now Available in a ZERO VOC Formula

Introducing our Soft Tread and Safe Tread lines, the ultimate solutions for creating safer, non-slip surfaces wherever you need them. Our products are designed to significantly improve safety by increasing traction on various surfaces. Whether you’re looking to enhance safety on boat decks, stairs, ramps, or industrial floors, Soft Tread is your go-to choice.

Why Choose Soft Tread?

  • Versatile Application: Soft Tread is a water-based Polyurethane coating that feels gentle underfoot. It’s perfect for fiberglass, concrete, steel, painted surfaces, and wood, transforming them into safer, non-skid zones.
  • Customizable Colors: Available in various colors to match any setting or aesthetic requirement.
  • Diverse Use Cases: It is ideal as an anti-slip floor treatment for non-skid stair treads, to prevent slips on wood decking, and to secure safe footing on ramps.
  • Protective Benefits: Acts as a robust anti-slip truck bed liner coating, providing durable protection and enhanced safety.

Safe Tread for Extra Traction For areas requiring a more aggressive grip, our Safe Tread Non-Skid Coating offers even more excellent traction to prevent slips and accidents on extra slippery surfaces.

Where You Can Use Our Products

  • Marine Environments: Protect yacht decks, docks, and swim platforms.
  • Residential Areas: Enhance safety on decks, patios, and pool areas.
  • Commercial Locations: Ideal for water parks, kitchens, and golf courses.
  • Industrial Sites: Improve safety in factory settings, especially around metal stairs and food prep areas.
  • Truck Beds: Apply to truck beds and tailgates for superior durability and slip resistance.

Trusted by Professionals: Our products are trusted by water theme parks, marinas, yacht owners, hotel owners, and commercial centers across the United States. They help mitigate the risks of slips and falls, the country’s leading cause of injury claims, and comply with ADA mandates for non-slip surfaces.

Commitment to Safety At Soft Tread, we believe in creating a safer environment everywhere. This commitment to safety is not just regulatory compliance or a defense against litigation—it’s about doing the right thing for the community and ensuring peace of mind at every step.

Create a Safer Environment Today. Don’t wait for accidents to happen. Choose Soft Tread and Safe Tread coatings and ‘Get a Grip on a Slippery World.’ Contact us today to find out how we can help you make your space safer for everyone.

For optimal results, we recommend using our texture rollers. 


Product SKU GTIN
Black 1 Gallon SOT-1-BK 810094630430
Black 5 Gallons SOT-5-BK 810094630546
Brick Red 1 Gallon SOT-1-BR 810094630416
Brick Red 5 Gallons SOT-5-BR 810094630522
Cream 1 Gallon SOT-1-CR 810094630317
Cream 5 Gallons SOT-5-CR 810094631000
Dark Blue 1 Gallon SOT-1-DBL 810094630393
Dark Blue 5 Gallons SOT-5-DBL 810094630508
Dark Brown 1 Gallon SOT-1-DBR 810094630928
Dark Brown 5 Gallons SOT-5-DBR 810094631055
Dark Gray 1 Gallon SOT-1-DG 810094630294
Dark Gray 5 Gallons SOT-5-DG 810094631093
Light Gray 1 Gallon SOT-1-LG 810094630256
Light Gray 5 Gallons SOT-5-LG 810094630959
Medium Gray 1 Gallon SOT-1-MG 810094630270
Medium Gray 5 Gallons SOT-5-MG 810094630973
Sand 1 Gallon SOT-1-SA 810094630331
Sand 5 Gallons SOT-5-SA 810094631024
Tan 1 Gallon SOT-1-T 810094631109
Tan 5 Gallons SOT-5-T 810094631048
Waterpark Blue 1 Gallon SOT-1-WB 810094630379
Waterpark Blue 5 Gallons SOT-5-WB 810094630478
Yacht White 1 Gallon SOT-1-YW 810094630232
Yacht White 5 Gallons SOT-5-YW 810094630935

Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in
Standard Colors

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Technical Info


These coatings are environmentally friendly and user friendly while generating NO VOC’s or Isocyanates typically associated with Polyurethane type products. It utilizes Virgin EPDM rubber for an anti-slip surface on most prepared substrates. Soft Tread is flexible so it’s chip, scuff and impact resistant which means a long service life. It cures by evaporation and air dries quickly while it’s also NON FLAMMABLE for safe application and no hazardous fumes. While we provide Soft Tread Coating in several standard colors, we can match almost any color so you can enjoy a unique color scheme by applying our custom colored products.


  • Vehicle: Waterbased, 100% Aliphatic Polyurethane
  • Solids Volume: 51.3
  • Texture Yield: 80%
  • Cures by: Evaporation / Air Drying
  • Flammability: NON-FLAMMABLE
  • Visc: (liquid) 15-20 Kcps
  • Wt / Gal.: 10.2#
  • V.O.C.: 0.02#/gal. (2.4g/L) = ZERO VOC’s
  • Toxicity: NON-TOXIC & relatively odorless.
  • Fillers: Virgin EPDM



Highly UV Resistant – Great Flexibility – Shelf Life: >1 yr
Scuff Resistant – Fire Resistant – Semi-Gloss Finish
High Adhesion (ASTM D-4541-95) – Impact Resistant (ASTM D-2794)
Wear Resistant (ASTM F-510) – Hot Tire Resistant

Spread Rate is 40 to 80 sf/gallon in 2 coats
Available in 1 gal. and 5 gal. pails


To clean the surface and maintain the beauty of Soft Tread, use general purpose cleaners such as: Tri Sodium Phosphate (TSP), Laundry Detergent (Tide Powder), Citrus Orange Cleaners, Formula 409, Simple Green or similar type products. Also a dilute bleach or caustic cleaner solution.

For best results, apply cleaner at recommended dilution rate and scrub lightly with a stiff bristle deck brush. Rinse thoroughly when cleaning is complete. Automatic scrubbers can also be used for large areas. With automatic scrubbing equipment, use light pad pressure only! Heavy pressure can damage the coating material.

1 Gallon

5 Gallon



Colors available for Soft Tread include Cream, Dark Blue, Sand, Light Green, Water Blue, Dark Brown, Dark Green, Medium Blue, Tan, Light Gray, Medium Gray, and Dark Gray.

We also have Safety Orange, Safety Yellow, Red, Black, Yacht White, and Brick Red to meet the needs of Safety Purposes.

Yacht White
Light Gray
Medium Gray
Dark Gray
Dark Brown
Waterpark Blue
Dark Blue
Brick Red

Please Note: Coating Colors may vary displayed online may vary due to printing and web viewing.


Soft Tread Coating can be applied to easily create a wide range of textures.

Soft Tread Coating contains small particle size Virgin EPDM rubber for an “easy on the feet and knees” feel with great traction on wet surfaces. OR, you can apply it to create an aggressive texture by changing the application technique. You can apply a light base layer and then apply a heavier layer on top with our special open foam roller to increase the texture or you can brush a smoother layer on top for areas that require less texture relief but still require great anti-slip properties. Create a slightly heavier texture for areas of heavy foot traffic and light vehicular traffic where good anti-slip properties are required. Create a slightly smoother texture for kitchens or galleys where mopping is frequent and an easy-to-clean surface is a requirement.

Soft Tread Coating is designed for use indoors or outdoors in wet or dry environments. Soft Tread is made for outstanding resistance to water and humidity, chemicals, solvents, and stains. Soft Tread Coating is flexible and has excellent adhesion to most substrates while exhibiting excellent abrasion resistance and increased traction.


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  1. Carol Schulz

    Love this product on our fiberglass scaffold plank. Easy to apply, easy cleanup and gives has great anti-slip properties. Non-flammable and chemical resistance are a plus in our industry.

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