Case Study: Howard County Public Schools

Howard County Public Schools had a problem. The metal ramps for their portable classrooms became slippery when wet. Faculty and students alike were injured using the ramps under those damp conditions. They needed a solution. Acry-Tech provided a solution.

Department of School Facilities
Wayne Crosby, Director
9045 Harriet Tubman Lane,
Columbia MD 21044

Phone: 410-313-7084
Fax: 410-313-7093

Re: Safe-Tread Coating

Dan, Good to talk with you again. I want to extend my sincere gratitude to you and your staff for the excellent services you provided for us over the past several years. We have been extremely satisfied with the performance of this product from start to finish. We have purchased over 300 gallons your Safe-Tread coating to complete a multitude of projects. The main project that we started to use the Safe-Tread on is our aluminum ramps that we are using for the port- able classrooms at our schools. I have attached several photos of before and after the coating process. We have found that even though the aluminum ramps have grooves extruded into them, they still have a tendency to get slippery in wet and icy conditions, especially when you get to the top and change direction, causing staff and students to fall and get injured. We used several ramps as test ramps utilizing several products on the market. We decided that Safe-Tread was best product for our needs for several reasons.

  • It was the easiest to apply; being single component and the grit texture already mixed in.
  • Thickest to fill the grooves; to get above the grooves and create a non directional grip pattern.
  • Durable; we have not had any wear off.
  • Graffiti sprayed on it was removed with a high temperature pressure washer and the Safe-Tread stuck and we didn’t have to recoat.
  • Also was most cost effective product available. After we discovered that the Safe-Tread was exceeding our performance expectations we decided to coat all 125 ramps from top to bottom.

I have also used the Safe-Tread on a metal floor in a Walk-In Freezer. The freezer was shut down to dry out. The existing floor was prepped, coated and cured. I guess time will tell how long this will last a in -20F freezer. Another application was used on two flights of black slate steps in an elementary school that were slippery for the staff and students to use. I prepped and coated the front 4″ of the stair tread. All of the Staff and students rave about how they perform as well as the color difference so the individual steps can be seen well. Thanks again for the great product and service that you provide.

Jonathan Naill Leadman – Paint/Floor Building Services Department
Howard County Public School System


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