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  • Product Reviewed: Speaker Cabinet

    Great industrial coating with not a lot of effort!

    I bought a quart of this for my Dayton Ultimax 18” build. Very thick and goes on like a dream. There is an enclosed roller to get the “rough and tumble” effect, but I would still advise to paint on the DuraTex with a good paint brush first. Brush in the same direction as it will ultimately look more uniform. Then go over the fresh paint lightly with the roller to the desired effect. Really easy to do one side at a time and blend into the next side if needed. I saved the bottom for last. Also, if you are installing feet/spikes, pre drill holes first, then paint, then install the hex mounts for the feet. I did two coats on all sides except the front. I gave three. I still have about 1/4 of  the can left. Always nice to have extra for touch ups. One word of advice…make sure your sanding is next to perfect if not perfect. This stuff will not hide as much as you think. I have one small area on the back I thought was good enough…yeah right. Remember, perfection takes time. Happy Building!

    Mike K.

  • Product Reviewed: Speaker Cabinet

    Worked great covering my ported speaker box

    I used this to paint my home theater ported 18” subwoofer enclosure.

    This material is bullet proof once it completely dries. You would have to take a hammer to it to do damage! It looks good too!

    Jules M.

  • Product Reviewed: Industrial Coatings

    Thanks for the great work and for going the extra mile for us in demonstrating your products and training our personnel

    Thanks for the great work and for going the extra mile for us in demonstrating your products and training our personnel in the methods of application. We decided to switch from solvent paints a few years ago and with your help it was a smart move. We tested several national brand paints and found that yours was competitively priced while giving us the exact results we were looking for.

    Buddy Franks
    United States Sugar Corporation

  • Product Reviewed: Speaker Cabinet

    Amazing results and quality

    When it first arrived, I was skeptical about the size of this barrel (1 gallon) compared to the 48 x 24 x 30″ subwoofer cabinet I was planning on coating. Until the day I applied the DuraTex. WOW!!! I was amazing by how easy this stuff is to apply and work with. I used the recommend textured roller and I got professional results. And to my surprise, I was able to coat my subwoofer TWICE with a half gallon left! Totally recommend this.


  • Product Reviewed: CeramaX

    I wish we had done this years ago.

    Your CeramaX Heat Reflective Coating is amazing. We have a converted patio/den with a roll asphalt roof. In the day, when the sun hits the roof, the room becomes uncomfortably hot and stuffy. We tried fans and more windows but those efforts didn’t stop the heat radiating into the room from the ceiling. As soon as we put on the first coat of CeramaX, the room felt cool like the rest of our home. Even the ceiling feels cool to the touch. I wish we had done this years ago. Thank you.

    Paul Brainard

  • Product Reviewed: Industrial Paints

    It was applied per your specs, and it performed beautifully.

    You helped me find the perfect product. It was applied per your specs, and it performed beautifully. We had tried a national brand that claimed to be as good as yours, but it turned a putrid purple color in only 6 months. Our painter repaints his CBS home every couple of years. Next time he’s going to use your coating so he can eliminate that chore for probably ten years or more.

    Jim Butler
    Stuart, Florida

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