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  • Product Reviewed: CeramaX Roof Coating

    It surpassed my expectations as it cut my electric bill in half!

    Your CeramaX coating is really effective in slowing heat buildup in Michigan. I applied it to my shingle roof to try to reduce the heat in my attic. It surpassed my expectations as it cut my electric bill in half! This June I used only 464 KWH versus last June when I used 883 KWH. And this June was hotter than last year. THANKS!

    Les Robbins

  • Product Reviewed: Speaker Cabinet

    Amazing results and quality

    When it first arrived, I was skeptical about the size of this barrel (1 gallon) compared to the 48 x 24 x 30″ subwoofer cabinet I was planning on coating. Until the day I applied the DuraTex. WOW!!! I was amazing by how easy this stuff is to apply and work with. I used the recommend textured roller and I got professional results. And to my surprise, I was able to coat my subwoofer TWICE with a half gallon left! Totally recommend this.


  • Product Reviewed: Speaker Cabinet

    Easy to work with, terrific results.

    Easy to work with, terrific results. Low odor. Covers more than expected. Bought the gallon but could have gotten away with a quart, and that was for 2 x 18” sub cabinets.

    Jason C.

  • Product Reviewed: Speaker Cabinet Coating

    This speaker coating is the bomb!

    Gentlemen, Shelling out dough for a gallon of an “unknown product” is always a bit of a risk. Then putting said “unknown product” on a speaker bottom I spent long hours building ups the ante. This is one time I am glad I gambled. This speaker coating is the bomb! Application was a breeze and the coverage surprised me. That gallon will cover this cabinet and the next one I build too. If it is as tough as it was easy to use, this stuff will be a dream come true!!! I’ll let you know. In the meantime, you have a repeat customer here.  Click here to see my cabs

    Rick Bandy

  • Product Reviewed: CeramaX

    I wish we had done this years ago.

    Your CeramaX Heat Reflective Coating is amazing. We have a converted patio/den with a roll asphalt roof. In the day, when the sun hits the roof, the room becomes uncomfortably hot and stuffy. We tried fans and more windows but those efforts didn’t stop the heat radiating into the room from the ceiling. As soon as we put on the first coat of CeramaX, the room felt cool like the rest of our home. Even the ceiling feels cool to the touch. I wish we had done this years ago. Thank you.

    Paul Brainard

  • Product Reviewed: Speaker Cabinet

    DuraTex "IS" the right stuff!

    I researched alternative speaker cabinet coatings until nearly losing my mind. Everything I read lead me your product, so I took a chance. WOW!!! No kidding, I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. DuraTex “IS” the right stuff! Keep up the good work. Great product. I’ll be back for more.

    Chris Harvest

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