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  • Product Reviewed: Speaker Cabinet

    Man I love this stuff.

    This stuff is awesome! It’s tuff and durable, and looks like Tolex but with no seams. The white finish is pure class. It’s easy to apply, dries rapidly, and cleans up with water. It covers great too. It’s thick and viscous so it doesn’t drip much and I finished 4 large speaker boxes and 2 racks with less than half a gallon.
    At first look it seems a bit expensive but compared to vinyl cloth or rhino liner, not paint, it’s a bargain.

    Jerry H.

  • Product Reviewed: Speaker Cabinet


    I think that this is about the best industrial strength coating for cabinets on the market today!!! You won’t be disappointed but you will be impressed! At this price, you can not beat it! Best price yet!! Cheers and Happy New Year!!!

    Gary Woodward O.

  • Product Reviewed: Industrial Paints

    I can't believe how great your product covers, hides and applies.

    I can’t believe how great your product covers, hides and applies. I used less paint than I thought and the result was fantastic.

    Kim Zolnowski
    PBS Chemical

  • Product Reviewed: Speaker Cabinet

    Great industrial coating with not a lot of effort!

    I bought a quart of this for my Dayton Ultimax 18” build. Very thick and goes on like a dream. There is an enclosed roller to get the “rough and tumble” effect, but I would still advise to paint on the DuraTex with a good paint brush first. Brush in the same direction as it will ultimately look more uniform. Then go over the fresh paint lightly with the roller to the desired effect. Really easy to do one side at a time and blend into the next side if needed. I saved the bottom for last. Also, if you are installing feet/spikes, pre drill holes first, then paint, then install the hex mounts for the feet. I did two coats on all sides except the front. I gave three. I still have about 1/4 of  the can left. Always nice to have extra for touch ups. One word of advice…make sure your sanding is next to perfect if not perfect. This stuff will not hide as much as you think. I have one small area on the back I thought was good enough…yeah right. Remember, perfection takes time. Happy Building!

    Mike K.

  • Product Reviewed: Speaker Cabinet

    I would like to tell you and your company that your product is amazing.

    This was my first speaker cabinet project. I had come across your website thru a link on Bill Fitzmaurice’s speaker building plans. I would like to tell you and your company that your product is amazing. When the DuraTex was shipped to me, it was delivered in a timely manner and packaged very well. A week after delivery I finished my first Titan subwoofer enclosure. After sanding the exterior I started applying the DuraTex. I’ll be honest, I really think my 8 year old son could have done this. Using the textured roller it covered the cabinet in one application. No need to do a second coat with this product. After drying (which didn’t take long at all) I stepped back, was amazed and excited that I had completed a complicated project. My low end speaker cabinets look like they were built from a high end manufacturer. I will tell you I saved a lot of money. Your product is very durable also. I do sound for bands and I DJ. I’ve probably used them 20 times since they were made. There is not the first sign of peeling, cracking or scratches. Many people have asked about the speakers and the coating and I have referred them to your product. I have some plans to build my Main cabinets and I will definitely use DuraTex Speaker Coating for that project also. Thank you

    Michael Osbourne

  • Product Reviewed: CeramaX Roof Coating

    It surpassed my expectations as it cut my electric bill in half!

    Your CeramaX coating is really effective in slowing heat buildup in Michigan. I applied it to my shingle roof to try to reduce the heat in my attic. It surpassed my expectations as it cut my electric bill in half! This June I used only 464 KWH versus last June when I used 883 KWH. And this June was hotter than last year. THANKS!

    Les Robbins

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