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  • Product Reviewed: Speaker Cabinet

    DuraTex Roller Grade

    Product is great. I was redoing an old 70’s vintage Ampeg cabinet and was torn between paying to have it covered in tolex or sprayed. A one quart can of DuraTex and a couple of coats later it looks like it is brand new. I would highly recommend this product. It rolls on easy and clean up is a cinch. I will use DuraTex again on my next project.

    David B.

  • Product Reviewed: Speaker Cabinet


    I bought this to finish a Denvo knock down sub enclosure. After sanding the MDF, priming with an interior/exterior latex paint, then rolling on two coats. I’m tickled pink. Truly professional looking finish, and easy to apply. This first attempt with it turned out much better than I expected, and I’ll be using what I learned to make the next project with DuraTex immaculate. Priming is highly recommended (by me, anyway). I thought one coat would suffice after priming, but found two worth the small additional time and effort to yield a perfect finish.

    Christopher R.

  • Product Reviewed: Speaker Cabinet

    Great Finish

    Acry- Tech coatings are excellent for install and mobile cabinets. We use it on unprimed Baltic birch cabinets.
    Very tough and looks as good as any commercial speaker company can do. The large texture rollers are good used for second coat.-First coat should be with a non textured roller. Standard paint brush or smaller roller for hard to reach spots. This product is non toxic low vapor- does not require a paint booth or exhaust system.

    Richard D.

  • Product Reviewed: Industrial Coatings

    Thanks for the great work and for going the extra mile for us in demonstrating your products and training our personnel

    Thanks for the great work and for going the extra mile for us in demonstrating your products and training our personnel in the methods of application. We decided to switch from solvent paints a few years ago and with your help it was a smart move. We tested several national brand paints and found that yours was competitively priced while giving us the exact results we were looking for.

    Buddy Franks
    United States Sugar Corporation

  • Product Reviewed: Safe Tread Clear Coating

    WOW, we used your product at our Plaza West Regional Health Center to provide safe footing for our elderly patients.

    WOW, we used your product at our Plaza West Regional Health Center to provide safe footing for our elderly patients. We cleaned the VCT (Vinyl Composite Tile) with Spic n Span and didn’t remove the wax. The Safe Tread Clear stuck like crazy. We were able to open the room only an hour later and at 2 hours we had foot traffic on it with no problems. As a test, we scrubbed it with our automatic buffer/scrubber only 24 hours after application and it did NOT come up! It was amazing.

    Steve Bennett
    Plaza West Regional Health Center
    Topeka, Kansas

  • Product Reviewed: Speaker Cabinet Coating

    This speaker coating is the bomb!

    Gentlemen, Shelling out dough for a gallon of an “unknown product” is always a bit of a risk. Then putting said “unknown product” on a speaker bottom I spent long hours building ups the ante. This is one time I am glad I gambled. This speaker coating is the bomb! Application was a breeze and the coverage surprised me. That gallon will cover this cabinet and the next one I build too. If it is as tough as it was easy to use, this stuff will be a dream come true!!! I’ll let you know. In the meantime, you have a repeat customer here.  Click here to see my cabs

    Rick Bandy

Earth Friendly Non Slip, Speaker Cabinet, Waterproof and Heat Reduction Roof Coatings.

Acry-Tech Coatings manufactures a wide range of unique, earth friendly safety and protective coatings.  Our Safe Tread and Soft Tread provide a safe footing for floors and decks while our DuraTex® creates a beautiful protective texture for Speaker Cabinets & Road Cases.  We have a proven track record as waterproof roof coatings have been protecting roofs for over 30 years.  Additionally, our CeramaX coating for roofs reflect and dissipate heat and UV rays which lowers energy costs.

Safety is a top priority.  The old saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” still holds true today.  We’ll help you create Non Skid Floors to prevent slip and fall accidents with our vibrant safety colored anti-slip coatings.  We provide an assortment of standard colors to complement any décor or custom match almost any color.  Our Safe-Tread Clear provides safe footing while sealing and protecting your existing beautiful flooring, steps, or decking.

Roof replacement is a costly repair.  Our waterproofing systems have protected roofs through over 20 hurricanes and Tropical Storms while reducing the heat buildup in attics.  We’ll help you protect your investment and cut costs.  Our products are very effective at keeping your whole home cooler and your air conditioning working more efficiently.

Timely maintenance is much more cost effective than replacement. Maintaining your home, office, building or industrial facility is imperative, especially now. Conserving capital through the wise application of maintenance coatings will prolong the life of your property.

Acry-Tech makes the unique coatings and paints you need.  Additionally, most of our products are low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds).  You’ll be safe while using our products and also know that they will not harm the environment.  You can even call us for special tips when you’re applying our products.  Whether you are a professional or a Do-It-Yourself-er, we want to ensure that every customer has a pleasant experience using our products.  We’re here to help so you’re not alone.

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