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Safe Tread Anti Slip Coating – Clear




Safe Tread Clear Anti-Slip Coating – Perfect for Wood and Concrete

Experience the perfect blend of safety and aesthetics with Safe Tread Clear, the leading anti-slip coating designed to enhance the safety of wooden and decorative concrete surfaces. This innovative solution preserves the natural beauty of your flooring while providing superior slip resistance, even in wet conditions.

Durable Non-Slip Coating for Ultimate Safety and Aesthetics

Key Features:

  • Crafted with a robust 100% acrylic formula, ensuring strong adhesion across diverse surfaces.
  • It covers an impressive 150 to 225 square feet per gallon and performs optimally in areas with heavy foot traffic.
  • Weather-resistant properties keep moisture at bay without any whitening effects.
  • UV protection prevents damage from the sun, prolonging the life and look of your floors.

Why Safe Tread Clear is Your Go-To Solution:

  • It strikes the perfect balance between safety and visual appeal, preserving the beauty of your floors.
  • It is ideal for the hospitality industry, where aesthetics and safety are paramount.
  • Provides a discreet yet effective slip-resistant surface on public pathways and wooden decks.
  • It helps reduce slip-and-fall accidents, lowering liability risks.
  • Highlights and protects the natural elegance of wooden decks, guarding against mold and mildew.

Where It Works Best:

  • Enhance safety on surfaces, including stained concrete, natural wood, entrances, and stairs, for less than $0.45 per square foot.

Application Tips:

  • For best results, apply evenly to maintain the surface’s original look, achieving adequate traction without altering the aesthetics. Heavy applications may slightly reduce transparency, especially when viewed from sharp angles.
  • Choose our Coarse Grit for areas with footwear traffic; it’s durable but may be too abrasive for bare feet. The Fine Grit version is perfect for a softer touch, while the Medium Grit offers a happy medium for general use.

Safe Tread Clear – your stylish solution to safety and blending seamless protection.


Product SKU GTIN
Fine 1 Gallon SATC-F1 810094630744
Fine 5 Gallons SATC-F5 810094630898
Coarse 1 Gallon SATC-C1 810094630775
Coarse 5 Gallons SATC-C5 810094630782
Medium 1 Gallon SATC-M1 810094630751
Medium 5 Gallons SATC-M5 810094630768

Additional information

Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in

Fine, Medium, Coarse



Technical Info



Safe Tread CLEAR is Self-Crosslinking, user friendly and enhanced with UV Blockers that help prevent sunlight deterioration of the underlying substrate. This NON WATER WHITENING PRODUCT creates an incredibly effective anti-slip, non-skid surface on clean, dry, prepared substrates. Safe Tread CLEAR penetrates deeply
and is scuff and impact resistant which means a long service life. It cures by evaporation and air dries quickly while it’s also NON FLAMMABLE for safe application even indoors. Use it on Wood, Decorative Concrete and other decorative surfaces to provide a NON SKID surface while allowing the underlying beauty to show through. CONTAINS NO HAZARDOUS OR HARMFUL SILICA!

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  • Vehicle: Acrylic Polymer Latex
  • Solids Volume: 40%
  • Solids Weight: 44%
  • Wt / Gal.: 8.8#
  • Viscosity: 10Kcps
  • Cures by: Air Drying & Self Crosslinking
  • V.O.C.: < 0.65# / gal (78g/L), = “Very Low V.O.C.”
  • Toxicity: NON-TOXIC and relatively odorless.


  • Highly UV Resistant
  • Low Sheen Finish
  • Shelf Life: >1 yr
  • Hot Tire Resistant
  • High Adhesion (ASTM D-4541-95)
  • Waterbased for easy application & Cleanup
  • Impact Resistant (ASTM D-2794)
  • Wear Resistant (ASTM F-510)
  • Available in: 1 or 5 gal. Pails
  • Aggregate: Safe, non-toxic polymer grit
  • Spread Rate: 150 to 225 SF/Gal total in 2 coats for maximum longevity.


Safe Tread CLEAR can be applied at surface temperatures between 60°F and 110°F. Application is not recommended when surface temperature is below 60°F or soon to fall below that temperature. Prepare surfaces by pressure washing and removal of all dirt, grease, loose paint, rust, efflorescence, dead wood fibers or other contaminants. All new treated wood must be seasoned, or weathered, for a minimum of 6 months before applying Safe Tread Clear. Etch new concrete after 30 day curing, lightly sand fiberglass gel coat. Ceramic tiles must be acid etched to remove the glassy finish prior to coating. All surfaces must be clean, dry and “paint ready” before application. Stir Safe Tread Clear to incorporate all the non skid particles and create a homogenous material. Stir again if product sits without agitation for one hour.

Mask off area to be coated to maintain clean edge detail. Check weather conditions to be certain rain or dew is not imminent before product has the opportunity to dry fully after application. Stir well before using. Apply product evenly with our blue textured foam rollers (available in 9” and 4” sizes). Dilute if needed with clean water and dilute sparingly. For heavier traffic areas, apply a second coat when dry to the touch. Clean up spills and tools with water.


To clean the surface and maintain the beauty of Safe Tread CLEAR, light pressure rinsing is generally sufficient. If needed, use general purpose cleaners such as: Tri Sodium Phosphate (TSP), Laundry Detergent (Tide Powder), Citrus Orange Cleaners, Formula 409, Simple Green, or similar type products to remove oily deposits or other foreign matter. For best results apply cleaner at the recommended dilution rate and scrub lightly with a stiff bristle deck brush. Rinse thoroughly when cleaning is complete.

1 Gallon

5 Gallon

Effective Jan 2011



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