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Ceramic Coatings – are they hype?

Ceramic Coatings are something fairly new in the paint industry, are they hype? Lets make some sense of the subject. Ceramic as an ingredient for paint came into vogue about two decades ago. Some paint companies sprinkled ceramic powder into their paint and touted their Ceramic Coatings as “Space Age” MAGIC. The hype they sold […]

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Waterproof Coating for Roofs in the Bahamas

Green Turtle Cay, located in the Northern Bahamas is an idyllic paradise… until the Hurricanes come! Hurricanes can literally tear the roofs off of houses unless they’re well protected against the high winds. The Bahamas are hit every year by a Tropical Storm or Hurricane and residents there have dealt with the threat in a […]

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Shingle Roof Waterproofing System

Storm Proof or Waterproof your Shingle Roof & Make Your Home Cooler, Too!  Revolutionary New Roof Restoration System gives unmatched protection against Heat, Sun, Wind and Rain, so your home is more secure and comfortable.  Our STORM-PROOF RESTORATION SYSTEM prevented untold damage to shingle roofs in South Florida and in the Bahamas as it stood up […]

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Heat Reduction for UPS.

Heat buildup is not only uncomfortable, it can be dangerous. UPS has always been concerned about the heat in their trailers as heat can damage shipments and make workers very uncomfortable. To accomplish heat reduction in the trailers, Acry-Tech worked very hard with UPS and their vendors that build the road trailers. Because worker safety […]

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