Green Turtle Cay, located in the Northern Bahamas is an idyllic paradise… until the Hurricanes come! Hurricanes can literally tear the roofs off of houses unless they’re well protected against the high winds. The Bahamas are hit every year by a Tropical Storm or Hurricane and residents there have dealt with the threat in a very sensible way, by applying a waterproof coating for roofs.

Historically the roofs in the islands were Cement Tiles over a tarpaper waterproof layer. The Cement Tiles weighed about 8lbs each and provided enough mass to resist strong winds. The Cement Tiles were painted white to help reflect the sun’s rays and keep the interior of the home cooler. Today however, residents that have migrated from the northern US have introduced asphalt shingles to the Islands. Hurricanes and most Tropical Storms rip shingles completely off the underlying roof decking so the latest iteration is to use something much more wind resistant.

Instead of using shingles on their roofs (thousands of individual pieces of tarpaper), the folks on Green Turtle are utilizing a cement board panel which is screwed onto the roof decking and then completely sealed with Acry-Tech’s waterproofing system. Instead of thousands of pieces of tarpaper that can fly away in a strong storm, the waterproof roof is a screwed down, One Piece – Storm Proof System.

Homes that have used the Acry-Tech products are safe and secure against high winds, pounding rain, and the fury that Mother Nature can produce.

By utilizing this new roofing method, the Green Turtle residents can finish the waterproof roofs with a bright white roof paint that fights mold, mildew and biological growth. The Super Roof Gloss they use stays bright white and reflects the vast majority of the intense sunlight, keeping the house cooler all summer long.

On Spanish Wells, another island in the Northern Bahamas, the Spanish Wells Roofing Company coats shingle roofs with the Acry-Tech Waterproofing System. They are experts at Storm Proofing shingle roofs while making them bright white and heat reflective.

Acry-Tech is supplying innovative products all around the world to solve problems and bring safety to their customers.