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Safe Tread Anti Slip Coating – Custom Colors



Safe Tread is now available in custom colors. Please contact our office for further details. Thanks!

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Safe Tread Anti Slip Coating

Anti Slip Coating, Non Skid Coating, Non Slip Coating, this description is generic and we call the concept by many names, but to increase traction, to prevent slips or falls and generally create a safe footing, that’s exactly what our products do best!

Safe Tread can create an anti-skid floor treatment, nonskid stair treads, high grip loading ramps, and top walkways for flat roofs. it’s so easy to apply; just roll it on with a texture roller, creating a beautiful texture! It’s a maximum grip coating that’s really environmentally friendly and user-friendly. It creates an incredibly effective anti-slip, non-skid surface on clean, dry, prepared substrates. Safe Tread is flexible so its chip, scuff and impact resistant which means a long service life. It cures by evaporation, and air dries quickly while it’s also NONFLAMMABLE for safe application. While we provide Safe Tread in several standard colors, we can match almost any color so you can enjoy a unique color scheme. CONTAINS NO SILICA, so its user friendly! And, it’s a ZERO VOC product.

Reasons Why Many Use Safe Tread Anti Slip Coatings:

Safe Tread is a unique anti-slip coating because it contains no silica, which can cause respiratory problems. The heavy grit that provides superior traction and non-slip properties will not settle out in the container or clump during application. It’s very easy to apply with one of our unique texture rollers, it’s waterbased so cleanup is easy and it does not require exotic safety equipment for a safe application. Considering the ease of use, easy water cleanup, and no expensive safety equipment, solvents, or reducers are required, Safe Tread is much cheaper than most other safety coating options as it covers about 60 square feet per gallon.

Where To Use Safe Tread Anti-Slip Coatings:

Safe Tread has proven tough enough for a variety of applications. Its anti-slip Coatings will withstand extreme service environments and deliver uncompromised performance.

  • Military Installations
  • Hospitals
  • Subway Cars
  • Public School Ramps
  • Forklift Ramps
  • Locomotives
  • Industrial Plants

Material costs are around $1.00 per square foot, depending on the applied rate and the chosen color.

For optimal results, we recommend using our texture rollers. 
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