Soft Tread or Safe Tread for safe footing on boat decks.

A slippery boat deck can ruin your day. Imagine a 40lb slimy catfish pulled out of the muddy Mississippi river and hauled into a flat bottomed aluminum boat. Not only is this huge fish flopping all around, ruining tackle, spilling drinks and generally creating mayhem, but he’s sliming the entire deck, seats and everyone aboard. This was the challenge a commercial fisherman relayed to me last summer. He asked: “Do you have a non slip coating that will help me stand up to the mud and slime?” My answer was… I sure do.

Commercial fishermen have a difficult time maintaining a safe footing given the conditions they encounter. Fish slime, fish guts, mud, baitfish and other slippery things find their way to the floor of the boat. With the boat bobbing and moving with every wave that comes along it makes for a dangerous condition. That’s where Safe Tread can make a huge difference by providing a safe footing on boat decks!

On the water, a minor situation can quickly become life threatening. A slippery boat deck can be an accident waiting to happen. Safe Tread Non Skid Coating is the best remedy for a slippery and dangerous boat deck. Maintaining your footing and balance is critical on a boat and it’s easy to create a safe footing with Safe Tread Safety Coating.

My customer was also complaining about the carpet on the deck of his boat. The fish slime was impossible to wash out and on a sunny day the stink was unbearable. He needed a non slip solution that would give safe footing AND be easily washed down at the end of the day. Safe Tread fit the bill exactly.

Once the carpet was pulled up and the boat deck was pressure washed, he primed the underlying aluminum deck with a self etching primer. Then he rolled on the Safe Tread with one of our special Texture Rollers. He waited until it was dry to the touch and rolled another coat onto the deck. What he created with this easy to apply water based product is a Non Slip Surface that provided great traction while being easy to clean.

The other big plus was the amount of weight he lost! No, not him, his boat. The weight of all that wet carpeting he removed was about 40#. The weight of the Safe Tread for his entire boat was only about 8lbs for the two full coats. That means he had another 32lbs of fish capacity and a safer boat deck.

For pleasure boats where a very foot friendly but equally effective texture is required, our Soft Tread is the answer. Pontoon Boats, Ski Boats, Boat Docks and ramps are all candidates for Soft Tread Safety Coating which is easy on bare feet, but grippy to provide a high level of safety.

A day on the water should be remembered for the fun, not for the slip and fall accident. Make your next boat outing safer with one of our great Non Slip Coatings.

Safe Tread Standard Colors 1 Gallon

1 Gallon: $83.20

Soft Tread Standard Colors

1 Gallon: $81.05