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  • Product Reviewed: Speaker Cabinet


    I bought this to finish a Denvo knock down sub enclosure. After sanding the MDF, priming with an interior/exterior latex paint, then rolling on two coats. I’m tickled pink. Truly professional looking finish, and easy to apply. This first attempt with it turned out much better than I expected, and I’ll be using what I learned to make the next project with DuraTex immaculate. Priming is highly recommended (by me, anyway). I thought one coat would suffice after priming, but found two worth the small additional time and effort to yield a perfect finish.

    Christopher R.

  • Product Reviewed: Soft Tread Coating

    The cellar, which would have been very wet, is completely dry.

    We applied Soft Tread to the Baltimore Lighthouse to seal the upper concrete walkway. I got a call from one of the other keepers who is onboard, it’s been raining and blowing 25 kts all day. He says the cellar, which would have been very wet, is completely dry. The Soft Tread has fully sealed our deck.

    Mark Jefferies
    Baltimore Harbor Light
    Baltimore, MD

  • Product Reviewed: Speaker Cabinet

    Vinyl Alternative

    Restoring a pair of Dahlquist DQ-10 loudspeakers & needed something to replace the old & scuffed up vinyl that was covering the back of the cabinets. I considered using Di-Noc & Tolex, but wanted something a little easier to apply. I watched a couple of videos of DuraTex on YouTube & it looked promising, so I decided to buy a quart and see how it worked. Long story short, this product is amazing! The videos simply do not do it justice. The finish is so much nicer looking in person, & it is so easy to use. Just dip the roller in the can & apply on the project. I settled on a smooth sponge roller, as I wanted less of a texture & more of a match to the vinyl wrap that it replaced. On both accounts DuraTex scored high. It is virtually an exact match for textured vinyl, and so much easier to apply. I cannot recommend this product highly enough. Take your time when applying, spread it out evenly, removing any air bubbles that are left behind, & use at least 2 coats. I waited about 10 – 15 minutes between coats. It doesn’t get any easier than that. Experiment with different rollers on some sample pieces until the desired texture & coverage is achieved. Be patient & you will be rewarded.

    New User “U”

  • Product Reviewed: CeramaX Trailer Roof Coating

    It's great to have a vendor that’s so responsive.

    It’s great to have a vendor that’s so responsive.

    Jay Nelson
    Great Dane Trailers
    Savannah, GA

  • Product Reviewed: CeramaX Heat Reflective Waterproof Coating

    I am very fond of your products, which for every application I used them on, turned out to be better than expected.

    I just want to share with you how I am happy with the Ceramax coating I put on my teardrop camping trailer.

    The thing is great after 12,000 km and 1 winter. The plywood warped a bit during the winter which lead to it being looser in some spots but the coating bent and kept it all together and leak-free as it appears.

    I am very fond of your products, which for every application I used them on, turned out to be better than expected. I really like the great return on the money spent. It’s rare these days to pay more for more quality… I feel that companies now have walked out of that path, for the more you spend, the more gadgets and quantity you get rather than quality.

    Thanks, keep up the quality work.

    Ben Caron

  • Product Reviewed: Speaker Cabinet

    The best thing to ever happen to a cabinet.

    This stuff is great. I painted the surface with a black primer and it covers in one coat. Add more coats and the texture deepens and it looks even better. The only thing I will ever use from now on.


    K Duggan

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