Heat buildup is not only uncomfortable, it can be dangerous. UPS has always been concerned about the heat in their trailers as heat can damage shipments and make workers very uncomfortable.

To accomplish heat reduction in the trailers, Acry-Tech worked very hard with UPS and their vendors that build the road trailers. Because worker safety and comfort is important, UPS chose to test our CeramaX coating using sophisticated measuring equipment. They tested the CeramaX right beside a couple leading brands of ceramic coatings.

CeramaX passed the test! An application of a CeramaX ceramic coating is now applied to all the roofs on the trailers manufactured for UPS.

UPS found another huge benefit, too. They saved a lot of money! They found that CeramaX was about 1/3 the cost of the brand they had been using and further… the benefits were the same. This was a huge savings and UPS has specified our coating now to its overseas manufacturers.

Acry-Tech is a leader in developing unique specialty coatings for niche markets. The work we’ve done with UPS, Stoughton Trailer, Great Dane Trailers and Kentucky Trailers is proof of Acry-Tech’s ability to deliver the freight!