Thank you for the business, your referrals and your trust in Acry-Tech! I sincerely appreciate your business!

In order to have any “repeat” business, I know I first must have a customer that can “repeat”. Then the only way to get referral business is to have a customer that was satisfied and told someone else about his or her experience.  This way, business builds on itself and if it’s appreciated I suspect it will keep going and growing.

Repeat business means that customers find the product to be exactly as it was presented, and it meets or exceeds their expectations. It’s not rocket science, a good product is required and appreciation for the customers’ trust is imperative.

I love talking to you, my colorful customers. You call with such great questions – some of which I can easily answer, some that really stump me. I love the interaction and I appreciate your perspective on my products and how they help you in your business.

On the website I was reading… “Say “thank you.” Since the client is the one asking you to do something for them, it seems that they should be thanking you. Just remember that without your clients, you would not have a business. Make sure that you treat them that way. Be sure to thank them for their payment and for their business. Thank them for choosing you. Everyone wants to feel appreciated.”

I also appreciate your feedback – your suggestions on what I could do to make the experience even better for you. Not long ago a customer in Australia emailed asking where he could buy one of our products “Down Under”. I told him I could ship it to him but the postage was costly. I asked him if he knew of a company that might be a good fit as a distributor for us in Australia… he said he did. Now we have a specialty distributor in Australia for our Speaker Cabinet Coatings and you can reach them at!

I owe this potential customer a deep and heartfelt “Thank You” for referring his friends and I hope that having the product inAustralia will build a new level of international loyalty.

Sometimes I get a little embarrassed when someone gives me a big “thank you” as I feel a little conspicuous. But it really warms my heart and makes my step a little lighter to be appreciated. You’re probably the same as me, aren’t you?

What’s the most memorable thank you that you’ve ever received?

Drop me a line and let me know… and THANK YOU!