Thoughts and Prayers

To all those affected by the recent Hurricane Matthew, our dearest thoughts and prayers are with you as you recover from the storm.  Mother Nature unleashed her fury throughout the Caribbean and up the South Eastern seaboard of the United States in a display of power we haven’t seen in years.  We are a family business here at ACI and are extremely grateful that our family is safe.  But, we understand that isn’t the case all around and we stand in hope and prayers for those who did not fare as well.

Systems with Staying Power

We have over 35 years of experience in water based coating systems in the area of application, specification, training and manufacturing.  We’ve seen almost every conceivable surface that could benefit from coatings and can help you determine the very best solutions.  Additionally, we utilize the collective brainpower of sophisticated chemical engineers and polymer scientists as we create products that bring real benefits to our customers.

Some Good News from the Bahamas

There are some bright spots through the storm’s wreckage.  We have been contacted by our long time partners in the Bahamas (Nassau and Spanish Wells) that all of the roofs that were coated with our Acry-Tech elastomeric system aren’t even missing a single shingle or roof tile.  It is good to hear that kind of feedback from satisfied customers.  Proof positive that our product does what it says it does.  We would like to thank the customers that trusted our process in storm alley.  Your confidence in our system means a lot to us.

Standing in the Pouring Rain

Hopefully your roof protected you during the storm.  But, if you’re still standing in the pouring rain, we are standing by with the elastomeric system to make your roof seamless.  Roof replacement is an expensive proposition.  So, as the old saying goes, “an ounce of prevention . . .”

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