​What Is “Priceless?”

How can one think about selling something that is priceless?  Its value cannot be determined nor quantified.  So, what then does that mean?  You sell the experience.  Do you remember that old Arnold Schwarzenegger movie Total Recall where he goes in to buy the memory of a lifetime?  We surely can’t buy memories, but we can buy an experience and make one.

How about getting to ride the new roller-coaster at an amusement park, or the feeling of nervous energy before skydiving for the first time?  That’s an experience.  More importantly, that is what consumers are excited to pay for.  Well then, how about the feeling of a job well done?  The big home stores spend millions of dollars advertising how you can DIY yourself in to satisfaction.

Now How Does That Apply To “Paint?”

What about the feeling of crafting the perfect acoustical resonant chamber for your PA system, DJ booth, line array or even studio monitors?  The satisfaction you get when all the cuts are made, it’s all assembled, and gets sanded down to where you can barely tell where the seams are.  It’s smooth and clean and you can barely wait to crank it up.  Would you cover such a beauty with carpet?  Heck no!  That would be like sending Michael Jordan to play basketball in flip flops.  Our DuraTex® not only protects your creation, but it makes it look great.  After all the work you put into making something to be proud of, DuraTex® really is the only option.

We Want To Help Make Your Experience Priceless!

I personally like to think that when I talk to my customers and answer their tech questions that I am a part of that memorable experience.  I appreciate all the feedback that I get about our products.  We at Acry-Tech sincerely hope that everyone who uses our products has a great experience and is proud of the outcome.  Thank you to everyone who has sent in before and after pictures and shared your pride with me. We hope that you are proud of your constructions and thank you for the privilege of selling something priceless every day.

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