Safe Footing was needed by the Howard County Schools in Maryland because they had a real problem. The aluminum ramps leading up to their portable classrooms were very slippery when wet and they had a few kids and teachers fall and hurt themselves. Slip and fall accidents are dangerous and the results often include missed work, lawsuits and long term disabilities so a safe footing is essential, especially for our schools.

The aluminum ramps had small ribs built into the ramps as a way to increase traction when wet, but it wasn’t enough to prevent slips and falls. Students don’t always walk slowly and carefully, they’re kids and prone to moving quickly. Even the teachers were falling victim to the slippery ramps and decks.

The conscientious maintenance personnel searched the web for a solution to their slippery ramps and they found Safe Tread Non Slip Coating. Safe Tread Non Slip Coating saved the day for the good people in Howard County.

The maintenance crew was very pleased with the ease of installation and they could work quickly because the Safe Tread simply rolled on using the special texture rollers from Acry-Tech. A two coat installation resulted in an aggressive texture and the School Board found that the traction coefficient increased dramatically.

One surprising result developed during the application process. Someone sprayed some graffiti onto the dry Safe Tread! The maintenance crew used their pressure washer and found that the graffiti quickly came off the Safe Tread with NO DAMAGE to the Safe Tread!

Now the ramps and decks offer safe footing even when it rains. Children are safer, teachers are safer and the School Board is pleased with the great results. After a few years, the Safe Tread can be touched up easily by simply rolling another light coat over the existing Safe Tread for a fresh, new finish at minimal expense.

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