We get the equipment that we need fall in love with it over time.  Then slowly watch it age and grow old and dingy right before our eyes.  Carpet has long been the standard for speaker cabinets.  Initially they probably looked pretty good and you were happy.  But then the cabs took the beating of a road tour, your friend spilled beer on it, or the cat had its way with the side of it.  There is a better solution.  Reface that case with DuraTex!

Watch the video below for step by step instructions for refacing a carpeted road case (or speaker cabinet) using DuraTex Speaker Cabinet Texture Coating.

We removed the carpet from the road case and created a tough, durable, water resistant texture coating – DuraTex.

Duratex can be purchased online in the store: Duratex Speaker Cabinet Coatings

If you want a sample package to try it first click here: Duratex Trial Size