Quality is job 1?

Ford motor company has had a slogan that “quality is job 1.”  But what exactly does that mean? According to Google, Quality is: the standard of something as measured against other things of a similar kind; the degree of excellence of something.  So, how does one rate and rank Quality in terms of how excellent something is? Uniformity?  Ease of use?  Durability?


After WWII Dr. Deming was responsible for the Japanese post-war economic miracle.  He taught quality through four tenets:  1. Better design of products to improve service, 2. Higher level of uniform product quality, 3. Improvement of product testing in the workplace and in research centers, and 4. Greater sales through side markets.  Moreover, Dr. Deming tested the widgets that were being produced at various stages of manufacturing and ensured that they conformed to a “sameness” standard.  His thought being that if you have pure (uniform) ingredients you will have a pure (uniform) end product.  This is the same for a Dr. Deming product or a gallon of Acry-Tech Coatings, Inc. paint.

At Acry-Tech Coatings, Inc. we have stringent standards of quality that we stick to.  Firstly, all of our products have been designed by a team of chemists using only top quality ingredients.  We use purified water in all of our water based paints.  We then filter all of our raw materials and filter our finished product.   At various stages of manufacturing our products we have quality standards built in to the process to ensure uniformity.  The result is that when you use paint from different batches, you can be sure of the uniformity of the paint and that it will match.  Ultimately, we take great pride in adhering to the uniform standard.

Ease of use

All of our products are earth friendly and clean up with soap and water when wet.  We have multiple, downloadable, easy to read instructions for our various products so customers get their projects done right the first time.  Additionally, we are happy to make ourselves available to our customers who have questions.  Our customer service department encompasses our entire workforce, and everyone wants to make sure that our customers have a pleasant experience using our products.  As a result, from the feedback that we get from customers, we have been doing an excellent job in that matter.


Since 2004 we put a product to market that was a durable texture coating for speaker cabinets and road cases.  We decided to call it exactly what it was, DuraTex®, which adds a protective finish with a pleasant texture.  Since then, we have fulfilled Dr. Deming’s fourth tenet and have pursued side markets.  So far DuraTex® has been sold in 41 countries.  We currently have distributors in eight different countries and are always looking for more.  Furthermore we are still getting feedback from customers who refinished their products three years ago and it still looks like new.  We get comments like this all the time.  Better yet, our word of mouth reputation speaks volumes for our durability and commitment to quality.

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