Touring groups are finding that DuraTex protects sound equipment and keeps it looking fresh and new. Image is everything for a touring group and DuraTex helps keep that image professional. Rental companies also find that DuraTex keeps their gear looking new and helps them maintain a more professional image in the industry.

A few weeks ago I had a wonderful opportunity to spend some time with Jared Ashley a young up and coming Country Western singer and songwriter in Nashville and got a real up close view of what happens to Pro Audio Gear on the road. (you can find Jared Ashley at or on Facebook)

When Jared pulled his speakers, monitors and subs out of his trailer and we set them up, I made a smart comment about how it looked like he had dragged some of the gear on a rope behind the trailer for a few hundred miles. Road Rash was quite evident because when a traveling group loads and unloads their gear numerous times a day, over the course of a year it really can get beat up.

Some of his OAP monitors looked trashed as the original smooth finish had a hard time standing up to the rigors of touring. Gouges, chips, worn areas and deep dents showed that this equipment had done a lot of performing and made a lot of music.

We patched up the worst damage, removed the metal corners and grills and taped off the handles in preparation to recoat. We then proceeded to rehab the monitors and other cabs with DuraTex Roller Grade Texture Coating. The results were astounding and the refinished monitors looked like new. We even banged the dents out of the grills and coated them too.

We yanked the worn rat fur off of Jared’s Yamaha monitor and transformed it into a quality looking piece that nicely matches the rest of his recoated equipment. DuraTex provided a greatly enhanced professional look to the assembled gear. Once we coated the speaker cabs, monitors and sub woofers, new corners were installed that helped provide a bit more protection to the equipment. Two coats of DuraTex and even a Third Coat makes a huge difference in the protection afforded to the speaker cabs. The durable texture finish will resist the bumps and bruises that make sound equipment look worn and unprofessional. And, DuraTex doesn’t add a lot of extra weight to the gear like the expensive spray-on bed liner products.

After a day of DuraTex work, Jared and the boys in the band were real proud of their new refurbished gear. DuraTex protects sound equipment and makes speakers look as good as they sound!