Customers call me and ask… “What kind of texture can I create with DuraTex?” At that point, I simply tell them that they are only limited by their imagination.

Rembrandt could take some of the paint I sell and create a masterpiece – it’s all in the imagination and the skill of application. It’s the same way with DuraTex. It can be applied in a traditional way with a textured roller or it can be sprayed with a HVLP pressure pot sprayer. Those are the two most common application methods.

OR… you can brush it and stipple it for a coarse coral texture, use a sea sponge to dab and twist to make a swirling texture, lay a textured wall paper onto it and pull it off, pounce it with a plastic shopping bag to create a leather or Tolex look, flick droplets onto dried DuraTex with a whisk broom or stiff brush, spatter it with contrasting colors to make a granite effect, toss in flecks of glitter while the DuraTex is wet to create a shimmer, spray paint over the DuraTex to create shading effects at the corners or around handles, or use any faux finishing technique you may find on the web to create your own unique look.

Touring groups can have their own signature texture look on their equipment or their unique color combination to set them apart from the rest. Bass players tend to like a distinctive look that may match their guitar. It’s all a matter of imagination and DuraTex can be used in so many unique ways.

Let DuraTex unleash your creativity to create something distinctive. You don’t have to follow the crowd; your equipment can be wildly unique.