When visiting the local Dairy Queen, I want bigger – not small. But in my business, there are BIG benefits to being small.

BIG Benefits To Being Small Are:

  • I can be open and tell the truth on my blog.
  • I can be flexible and change to meet competition.
  • I can personally answer emails from my customers.
  • Decisions can be made quickly without a board of directors meeting.
  • I can spend important time answering my customers’ phone calls and questions.
  • Not having 100 different products, it means focusing on a few great ones that people love.
  • I’m able to create a truly unique product and bring it to the marketplace and our customers in a short time span.

Sometimes it’s easy to be enamored of the larger companies in my industry; the big Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore paint stores. Once in a while my ego wants to double the size of the company and cast a larger shadow in the industry.

But, then I stop and reflect on what’s most important: meeting the needs of my customers in a profitable way with great coating products. Being smaller gives me the opportunity to truly interact with my customers, to really get to know them. My customers are not a number with me. When I spend time talking with them, I hear about their concerns, their needs, their lives and I find ways to help them with the products I make OR with a bit of wisdom I’ve picked up along the way. I’ve made some real good friends because the company has been small and I’ve had a little time to spend with customers.

The company size really doesn’t matter – it’s about serving our customers, making friends and making a profit along the way.

BIG benefits to being small – and I’m enjoying them.

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