​Being Small

Back in late 2011, my father Dan pondered some of the Big benefits of being Small.  He had some very good points for choosing the “little guy” over the big box stores.

  • I can be flexible and change to meet competition.
  • I can personally answer emails from my customers.
  • Decisions can be made quickly without a board of directors meeting.
  • I can spend important time answering my customers’ phone calls and questions.
  • Not having 100 different products, it means focusing on a few great ones that people love.
  • I’m able to create a truly unique product and bring it to the marketplace and our customers in a short time span.

The Participation Trophy Problem?

Perhaps the “participation trophy” movement went a little too far.  In sports, there definitely is a winner and a loser.  Does that have to be the case in business?  What is a win-win situation and, better yet, how does one create it?  Five years ago my father said:

Being smaller gives me the opportunity to truly interact with my customers, to really get to know them. My customers are not a number with me. When I spend time talking with them, I hear about their concerns, their needs, their lives and I find ways to help them with the products I make OR with a bit of wisdom I’ve picked up along the way. As a result I’ve made some real good friends because the company has been small and I’ve had a little time to spend with customers. The company size really doesn’t matter – it’s about serving our customers, making friends and making a profit along the way.”


Creating a win-win situation isn’t always possible.  However, I believe that you can make a desired product and get it to market at a fair price; you have created a win-win scenario.  There is more to it than that to me.  Since I truly enjoy talking to my customers and hearing about their projects.  Building relationships with my customers and making a personal connection is the highlight of my day.  I love getting pictures of finished products and posting them to   Additionally, it has been a pleasure that so many people have shared their passions and projects with me.  It is very gratifying to help someone get over a hurdle.  Whether it is a paint application problem, finding directions or a myriad of stories I’ve heard over the years, I truly enjoy helping people.  Being a part of a small business affords me that opportunity.


That’s my Win-Win . . .  what’s yours?  Give us your feedback at TwitterFacebook or our Contact Us page.

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