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Soft Tread Coating
We applied Soft Tread to the Baltimore Lighthouse to seal the upper concrete walkway. I got a call from one of the other keepers who is onboard, it’s been raining and blowing 25kts all day. He says the cellar, which would have been very wet, is completely dry. The Soft Tread has fully sealed our deck.
Mark Jefferies
Baltimore Harbor Light

www.baltimorelight.org (view photos)

Safe Tread Clear Coating
WOW, we used your product at our Plaza West Regional Health Center to provide safe footing for our elderly patients. We cleaned the VCT (Vinyl Composite Tile) with Spic n Span and didn’t remove the wax. The Safe Tread Clear stuck like crazy. We were able to open the room only an hour later and at 2 hours we had foot traffic on it with no problems. As a test, we scrubbed it with our automatic buffer/scrubber only 24 hours after application and it did NOT come up! It was amazing.
Steve Bennett
Plaza West Regional Health Center
Topeka, Kansas

Speaker Cabinet Coating
Gentlemen, Shelling out dough for a gallon of an “unknown product” is always a bit of a risk. Then putting said “unknown product” on a speaker bottom I spent long hours building ups the ante. This is one time I am glad I gambled. This speaker coating is the bomb! Application was a breeze and the coverage surprised me. That gallon will cover this cabinet and the next one I build too. If it is as tough as it was easy to use, this stuff will be a dream come true!!! I’ll let you know. In the meantime, you have a repeat customer here.  Click here to see my cabs
Rick Bandy
Crosby, MN

Storm Proof Roof Coatings
We didn’t lose even one shingle during the 36 hours of Hurricane force winds thanks to the Storm Proof Acry-Tech Coatings we applied to our roofs here in Spanish Wells, Bahamas.
Lance Pinder
Spanish Wells Roofing
CeramaX Roof Coating
Your CeramaX coating is really effective in slowing heat buildup in Michigan. I applied it to my shingle roof to try to reduce the heat in my attic. It surpassed my expectations as it cut my electric bill in half! This June I used only 464 KWH versus last June when I used 883 KWH. And this June was hotter than last year. THANKS!
Les Robbins, Michigan
 Duratex Speaker Cabinet Coating
I just finished my project using DuraTex Speaker Cabinet Texture and wanted you to know how thrilled I am! I’ve been building cabinets and painting for 35 years and it’s the most fun I’ve ever had doing so… Thanks for creating such a unique and perfect product.
Charlie Todd
Sounds Alive California

Duratex Coating
I was completely amazed at the results you accomplished by refinishing the 2 Klipsch speakers and the Fender Rhodes Keyboard housing. The difference is night and day! I was really impressed with the beauty and the protection provided by the DuraTex coating and I’m ready to refinish a number of the speaker cabs we have in inventory for our rental fleet. The DuraTex gives a beautiful, durable finish that is like factory-new. I will highly recommend this product to our Pro Audio customers for finishing or refinishing their cabs and road cases as it’s the best thing I’ve ever seen on the market. Click here to see the before and after
Ken Katz
MAE Music, Ft. Lauderdale FL

Private Label Coatings
With the press of business, sometimes we lose sight of the importance of valued suppliers. That’s why I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for the conscientious job you and your people have been doing for Insecta. You’ve not only impacted our bottom line favorably by cutting the cost of manufacturing, but your R&D capabilities have been extremely helpful. We would be happy to recommend you and the entire Acry-Tech organization to anyone needing your services and expertise.
Pat Quinlan
Insecta Marketing

Private Label Products
You helped me create the product I wanted and came in at a cost that helped me be profitable in the market. You are great!
Dennis Diehl
Deca Mica

Elastomeric Roof Coatings
I had been using several different elastomeric coatings in an effort to provide my customers a quality job, and I put down extra millage too so I’d have extra protection. I thought I was doing the best I could until I found your products. They stop water better and last longer than any I had been using. And, I’m saving money with your products, too.
Tim Wood
Tim Wood Corporation

CeramaX Trailer Roof Coating
It’s great to have a vendor that’s so responsive.
Jay Nelson
Great Dane Trailers
Savannah, GA

Industrial Coatings
Thanks for the great work and for going the extra mile for us in demonstrating your products and training our personnel in the methods of application. We decided to switch from solvent paints a few years ago and with your help it was a smart move. We tested several national brand paints and found that yours was competitively priced while giving us the exact results we were looking for.
Buddy Franks
United States Sugar Corporation

Heat Reduction Coatings
Our warehouse is now 15 degrees cooler since we applied the SolarX paint to the roof. Our A/C units now cycle throughout the day, where they used to just run continuously and still lose the battle to rising interior temps. The product works great!!
Tom Rhodes
Cortez Pump and Sprinkler Supply
Bradenton, FL

Industrial Paints
You helped me find the perfect product. It was applied per your specs, and it performed beautifully. We had tried a national brand that claimed to be as good as yours, but it turned a putrid purple color in only 6 months. …Our painter repaints his CBS home every couple of years. Next time he’s going to use your coating so he can eliminate that chore for probably ten years or more.
Jim Butler – Attorney
Stuart, Florida

Industrial Paints
I can’t believe how great your product covers, hides and applies. I used less paint than I thought and the result was fantastic.
Kim Zolnowski
PBS Chemical

Roof Paints
I wanted to let you know that we are very happy with your roof paints. We’ve had no callbacks due to mildew, fungus mold or algae and the colors are NOT fading! I’m quite satisfied with your great roof paint products, they stand up so much better than any other brand I’ve ever used including big name national brands. Thanks for the great service and products. I especially like your Primer.
Steve Shernecker, Controller
CertaPro Painters

Industrial Paints
Thanks for helping us rescue a large source of revenue we were in danger of losing. You helped us show our customer the products they really needed, which we could distribute to them from you. You saved us at least $375,000 in sales that could have been lost this year alone! Your professionalism and ability to communicate with our customers on their level is truly a great asset to your firm. You have a vast knowledge of the challenges and problems that my customers face daily. I’ve NEVER dealt with a paint manufacturer with more knowledge or higher level of service than you supply.
Pete Wechter
County Auto Paints

Private Label Product
You’ve given us great products and excellent service and field support, par none! Your diligence in manufacturing and service has increased our sales and profits.
Al Brode – Florida Sealcoat

Low VOC Non Skid Coatings
As a sales rep to large industrial facilities, I really appreciate the support and backup you give me. Your LOW VOC paints have been nothing short of a miracle for me and are serving my customers with the quality they demand at a price they love.
Bob Barney

Industrial Paints
Thank you for the excellent service and consultation you provided for our Facilities Improvement Project. The paint you provided is superior to what we have used in the past and we appreciate your service.
Audrey McDonough
New Covenant Church

DuraTex® Speaker Cabinet and Road Case Coating

Good Morning,
This is an addendum to a previously sent letter that you have posted on your site. I just wanted to comment on the longevity of your speaker cab coating. The original speakers I built quite a few years and many, many gigs ago, still look great. This coating has proven itself to be almost bullet-proof. I have continued and will continue using your products as they are a very sound investment.

Rick Bandy
Crosby, MN
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