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Talking about the weather

Thoughts and prayers

To all those affected by the recent Hurricane Matthew, our dearest thoughts and prayers are with you as you recover from the storm.  Mother Nature unleashed her fury throughout the Caribbean and up the South Eastern seaboard of the United States in a display of power we haven’t seen in years.  We are a family business here at ACI and are extremely grateful that our family is safe.  But, we understand that isn’t the case all around and we stand in hope and prayers for those who did not fare as well.

Systems with staying power

We have over 35 years of experience in water based coating systems in the area of application, specification, training and manufacturing.  We’ve seen almost every conceivable surface that could benefit from coatings and can help you determine the very best solutions.  Additionally, we utilize the collective brainpower of sophisticated chemical engineers and polymer scientists as we create products that bring real benefits to our customers.

Some good news from the Bahamas

There are some bright spots through the storm’s wreckage.  We have been contacted by our long time partners in the Bahamas (Nassau and Spanish Wells) that all of the roofs that were coated with our Acry-Tech elastomeric system aren’t even missing a single shingle or roof tile.  It is good to hear that kind of feedback from satisfied customers.  Proof positive that our product does what it says it does.  We would like to thank the customers that trusted our process in storm alley.  Your confidence in our system means a lot to us. 

Standing in the pouring rain

Hopefully your roof protected you during the storm.  But, if you’re still standing in the pouring rain, we are standing by with the elastomeric system to make your roof seamless.  Roof replacement is an expensive proposition.  So, as the old saying goes, “an ounce of prevention . . .”


Quality is job 1?

Ford motor company has had a slogan that “quality is job 1.”  But what exactly does that mean?  According to Google, Quality is: the standard of something as measured against other things of a similar kind; the degree of excellence of something.  So, how does one rate and rank Quality in terms of how excellent something is?    Uniformity?  Ease of use?  Durability?


After WWII Dr. Deming was responsible for the Japanese post-war economic miracle.  He taught quality through four tenets:  1. Better design of products to improve service, 2. Higher level of uniform product quality, 3. Improvement of product testing in the workplace and in research centers, and 4. Greater sales through side markets.  Moreover, Dr. Deming tested the widgets that were being produced at various stages of manufacturing and ensured that they conformed to a “sameness” standard.  His thought being that if you have pure (uniform) ingredients you will have a pure (uniform) end product.  This is the same for a Dr. Deming product or a gallon of Acry-Tech Coatings, Inc. paint.

At Acry-Tech Coatings, Inc. we have stringent standards of quality that we stick to.  Firstly, all of our products have been designed by a team of chemists using only top quality ingredients.  We use purified water in all of our water based paints.  We then filter all of our raw materials and filter our finished product.   At various stages of manufacturing our products we have quality standards built in to the process to ensure uniformity.  The result is that when you use paint from different batches, you can be sure of the uniformity of the paint and that it will match.  Ultimately, we take great pride in adhering to the uniform standard.

Ease of use

All of our products are earth friendly and clean up with soap and water when wet.  We have multiple, downloadable, easy to read instructions for our various products so customers get their projects done right the first time.  Additionally, we are happy to make ourselves available to our customers who have questions.  Our customer service department encompasses our entire workforce, and everyone wants to make sure that our customers have a pleasant experience using our products.  As a result, from the feedback that we get from customers, we have been doing an excellent job in that matter.


Since 2004 we put a product to market that was a durable texture coating for speaker cabinets and road cases.  We decided to call it exactly what it was, DuraTex®, which adds a protective finish with a pleasant texture.  Since then, we have fulfilled Dr. Deming’s fourth tenet and have pursued side markets.  So far DuraTex® has been sold in 41 countries.  We currently have distributors in eight different countries and are always looking for more.  Furthermore we are still getting feedback from customers who refinished their products three years ago and it still looks like new.  We get comments like this all the time.  Better yet, our word of mouth reputation speaks volumes for our durability and commitment to quality.

Selling Something Priceless

What is “Priceless?

How can one think about selling something that is priceless?  Its value cannot be determined nor quantified.  So, what then does that mean?  You sell the experience.  Do you remember that old Arnold Schwarzenegger movie Total Recall where he goes in to buy the memory of a lifetime?  We surely can’t buy memories, but we can buy an experience and make one. 

How about getting to ride the new roller-coaster at an amusement park, or the feeling of nervous energy before skydiving for the first time?  That’s an experience.  More importantly, that is what consumers are excited to pay for.  Well then, how about the feeling of a job well done?  The big home stores spend millions of dollars advertising how you can DIY yourself in to satisfaction.    

Now how does that apply to “paint?”

What about the feeling of crafting the perfect acoustical resonant chamber for your PA system, DJ booth, line array or even studio monitors?  The satisfaction you get when all the cuts are made, it’s all assembled, and gets sanded down to where you can barely tell where the seams are.  It’s smooth and clean and you can barely wait to crank it up.  Would you cover such a beauty with carpet?  Heck no!  That would be like sending Michael Jordan to play basketball in flip flops.  Our DuraTex® not only protects your creation, but it makes it look great.  After all the work you put into making something to be proud of, DuraTex® really is the only option. 

We want to help make your experience Priceless!

I personally like to think that when I talk to my customers and answer their tech questions that I am a part of that memorable experience.  I appreciate all the feedback that I get about our products.  We at Acry-Tech sincerely hope that everyone who uses our products has a great experience and is proud of the outcome.  Thank you to everyone who has sent in before and after pictures and shared your pride with me.  I try to rotate them through so that others can see your creations.  We hope that you are proud of your constructions and thank you for the privilege of selling something priceless every day.

Big Benefits to Being Small. . . Revisited

Being Small

Back in late 2011, my father Dan pondered some of the Big benefits of being Small.  He had some very good points for choosing the “little guy” over the big box stores. 

  • I can be flexible and change to meet competition.
  • I can personally answer emails from my customers.
  • Decisions can be made quickly without a board of directors meeting.
  • I can spend important time answering my customers’ phone calls and questions.
  • Not having 100 different products, it means focusing on a few great ones that people love. 
  • I’m able to create a truly unique product and bring it to the marketplace and our customers in a short time span.

The Participation Trophy Problem?

Perhaps the “participation trophy” movement went a little too far.  In sports, there definitely is a winner and a loser.  Does that have to be the case in business?  What is a win-win situation and, better yet, how does one create it?  Five years ago my father said:

Being smaller gives me the opportunity to truly interact with my customers, to really get to know them. My customers are not a number with me. When I spend time talking with them, I hear about their concerns, their needs, their lives and I find ways to help them with the products I make OR with a bit of wisdom I’ve picked up along the way. As a result I’ve made some real good friends because the company has been small and I’ve had a little time to spend with customers. The company size really doesn’t matter – it’s about serving our customers, making friends and making a profit along the way.”


Creating a win-win situation isn’t always possible.  However, I believe that you can make a desired product and get it to market at a fair price; you have created a win-win scenario.  There is more to it than that to me.  Since I truly enjoy talking to my customers and hearing about their projects.  Building relationships with my customers and making a personal connection is the highlight of my day.  I love getting pictures of finished products and posting them to   Additionally, it has been a pleasure that so many people have shared their passions and projects with me.  It is very gratifying to help someone get over a hurdle.  Whether it is a paint application problem, finding directions or a myriad of stories I’ve heard over the years, I truly enjoy helping people.  Being a part of a small business affords me that opportunity.


That’s my Win-Win . . .  what’s yours?  Give us your feedback at TwitterFacebook or our Contact Us page.



Welcome Katie!

Help us in welcoming our new Customer Service Representative!

Acry-Tech Coatings, Inc. is proud to welcome our newest team member Katie.  Katie brings a wealth of customer service experience as well as organizational and logistical knowledge too.  Because Katie is determined to ensure that every customer has a pleasant experience, we are sure that you will enjoy working with her as well.   Since she comes from a varied background she brings a new level of diversity to our company.  Katie is driven and meticulous in all she does.  It doesn’t seem that she could be over-tasked, even though we try, yet she always comes through.

All Acry-Tech team members strive to put forth the very best product in the hands of our customers as efficiently as possible.  Katie has already incorporated technology to improve on many of our office processes.  With her arrival Acry-Tech has grown in our ability to help serve our clients and customers.  Please help us all in welcoming her to our team at Acry-Tech Coatings,Inc.   

As a result we are sure that you will appreciate her efforts as part of team Acry-Tech just as much as we do.  Click here if you would like to drop a message or leave feedback.

Jeff Hittenberger introduction

I am excited to join the team at Acry-Tech Coatings, Inc.  Having recently retired from the US Navy as an Avionics Chief, I bring a bit of energy and enthusiasm to the already superior customer service, sales and marketing division of ACI.  Serving in the US Navy for 20 years, I have had the opportunity to travel the world on five forward deployments and have seen some very different and wonderful places.  Working closely with individuals from around the country and around the world has given me the ability to relate to a diverse group of people.  The high tempo of a military unit has given me the ability to adapt, make quick decisions, and assess situations and needs rapidly.

I look forward to helping customers with their specific needs and I am committed to carrying on the excellent service that Acry-Tech is known for.  Please contact me directly so that I can help fulfill your specific coating need.

DuraTex is Now Available in New Zealand

GREAT NEWS! We’re happy to welcome Livesound Ltd. as our newest distributor of DuraTex.

Livesound Ltd. is a manufacturer & distributor of professional audio equipment & audio systems. They also manufacture custom built road cases. Contact them for DuraTex in the New Zealand area. The link to their website is:

DuraTex is Now Available in Australia

We’re happy to announce that Cannon Sound & Light in Australia is a dealer of our DuraTex products.

You can find them online at

Refacing a Carpeted Road Case with DuraTex Speaker Cabinet Coating

We get the equipment that we need fall in love with it over time.  Then slowly watch it age and grow old and dingy right before our eyes.  Carpet has long been the standard for speaker cabinets.  Initially they probably looked pretty good and you were happy.  But then the cabs took the beating of a road tour, your friend spilled beer on it, or the cat had its way with the side of it.  There is a better solution.  Reface that case with DuraTex!

Watch the video below for step by step instructions for refacing a carpeted road case (or speaker cabinet) using DuraTex Speaker Cabinet Texture Coating.

We removed the carpet from the road case and created a tough, durable, water resistant texture coating – DuraTex.

Duratex can be purchased online in the store: Duratex Speaker Cabinet Coatings

If you want a sample package to try it first click here: Duratex Trial Size


Thank you, I sincerely appreciate your business!

Thank you for the business, your referrals and your trust in Acry-Tech! I sincerely appreciate your business!

In order to have any “repeat” business, I know I first must have a customer that can “repeat”. Then the only way to get referral business is to have a customer that was satisfied and told someone else about his or her experience.  This way, business builds on itself and if it’s appreciated I suspect it will keep going and growing.

Repeat business means that customers find the product to be exactly as it was presented, and it meets or exceeds their expectations. It’s not rocket science, a good product is required and appreciation for the customers’ trust is imperative.

I love talking to you, my colorful customers. You call with such great questions – some of which I can easily answer, some that really stump me. I love the interaction and I appreciate your perspective on my products and how they help you in your business.

On the website I was reading… “Say “thank you.” Since the client is the one asking you to do something for them, it seems that they should be thanking you. Just remember that without your clients, you would not have a business. Make sure that you treat them that way. Be sure to thank them for their payment and for their business. Thank them for choosing you. Everyone wants to feel appreciated.”

I also appreciate your feedback – your suggestions on what I could do to make the experience even better for you. Not long ago a customer in Australia emailed asking where he could buy one of our products “Down Under”. I told him I could ship it to him but the postage was costly. I asked him if he knew of a company that might be a good fit as a distributor for us in Australia… he said he did. Now we have a specialty distributor in Australia for our Speaker Cabinet Coatings and you can reach them at!

I owe this potential customer a deep and heartfelt “Thank You” for referring his friends and I hope that having the product inAustralia will build a new level of international loyalty.

Sometimes I get a little embarrassed when someone gives me a big “thank you” as I feel a little conspicuous. But it really warms my heart and makes my step a little lighter to be appreciated. You’re probably the same as me, aren’t you?

What’s the most memorable thank you that you’ve ever received?

Drop me a line and let me know… and THANK YOU!

Relationship, can it be better?

 I have relationship with a lot of businesses; vendors, shippers, advertising providers, web designers, mechanics, and sales people in every store I visit. Some of the experiences I have with the businesses I patronize are delightful, some easily forgettable and some just, well… rotten.

 Of course, I believe that every one of my customers has a great relationship with me, but is that really true? Do you always get my best attention? Do you always hang up the phone with me and have a warm feeling? Are you completely willing and anxious to refer your friends and associates to me? It would be nice if I could find the answers to these questions, wouldn’t it?  

 I think it would be great to find a venue to discuss how my customers view me and my company and the changes that I could make to create a better relationship between us. I could hire a big PR company to do a study of the relationships with my customers. They could personally interview all my customers to find where I might be missing the boat. OR… I could simply ask my customers…

“What would make this relationship better for you?” 

 In my experience, people are generally quite willing to tell me what they think. There are tons of opinions about everything and my customers have an opinion of the relationship we share. It’s just a matter of engaging them in a discussion.

 Often I lose track of the bigger picture. I’m busy trying to give everyone the attention they deserve and meet their pricing demands or their shipping schedules or their special packaging requirements and while being attentive to all the small details, I sometimes fail to see the biggest picture. The biggest picture is whether or not the relationship is productive for my customers and me.

 So today I ask you, my customers

“What would make this relationship better for you?”

 I’d love to hear from you, I’d love to fine tune the relationship to be sure you’re completely happy with my products, my service, and our relationship.

 Would you be willing to take a couple minutes and drop me a line to let me know?

 Thanks so much!

Jared Ashley Band Refinishes Speaker Cabinets with DuraTex

Jared Ashley of the Jared Ashley Band in Nashville Tennessee made a call to Acry-Tech, inquiring about DuraTex Speaker Cabinet Texture Coating. Jared has a touring group that is very actively roaming around the south east area of the USA. He’s got a great CD and huge plans to be a big Country Star.

When Dan Hittenberger from Acry-Tech heard from Jared, Dan offered to come to Nashville and help Jared with the refinish project. Dan wanted to create a video to show how easy it is to make speaker cabinets look as good as they sound! This video is the result of a fun day in Nashville rehabilitating some very worn speaker cabinets.

For additional information click on Speaker Cabinet Coatings


Safe Footing for School Children!

Safe Footing was needed by the Howard County Schools in Maryland because they had a real problem. The aluminum ramps leading up to their portable classrooms were very slippery when wet and they had a few kids and teachers fall and hurt themselves. Slip and fall accidents are dangerous and the results often include missed work, lawsuits and long term disabilities so a safe footing is essential, especially for our schools.

The aluminum ramps had small ribs built into the ramps as a way to increase traction when wet, but it wasn’t enough to prevent slips and falls. Students don’t always walk slowly and carefully, they’re kids and prone to moving quickly. Even the teachers were falling victim to the slippery ramps and decks.  

The conscientious maintenance personnel searched the web for a solution to their slippery ramps and they found Safe Tread Non Slip Coating. Safe Tread Non Slip Coating saved the day for the good people in Howard County.

The maintenance crew was very pleased with the ease of installation and they could work quickly because the Safe Tread simply rolled on using the special texture rollers from Acry-Tech. A two coat installation resulted in an aggressive texture and the School Board found that the traction coefficient increased dramatically.

One surprising result developed during the application process. Someone sprayed some graffiti onto the dry Safe Tread! The maintenance crew used their pressure washer and found that the graffiti quickly came off the Safe Tread with NO DAMAGE to the Safe Tread!

Now the ramps and decks offer safe footing even when it rains. Children are safer, teachers are safer and the School Board is pleased with the great results. After a few years, the Safe Tread can be touched up easily by simply rolling another light coat over the existing Safe Tread for a fresh, new finish at minimal expense.

Click here to take a look at the great letter and pictures they sent!

How to fix a slippery boat dock.

Slippery Boat Docks are unsafe

Slippery Boat Docks can hurt your guests.

Learning how to fix a slippery boat dock isn’t a difficult project. A slippery wood boat dock is a dangerous place, but it can be made safe and friendly to even bare feet by cleaning and applying Soft Tread non skid coating.

Most boat docks are made of 1” or 2” thick pressure treated lumber. Most pressure treated lumber is dense and when the dock is new and wet, it gets very slippery. Older pressure treated lumber can be porous and prone to the buildup of mold and mildew. When older docks get wet they can be very slippery too.  A slippery boat dock is a dangerous boat dock!

 This project is also a good chance to inspect your dock and replace any rotten deck boards or stringers, or to replace or add any cleats. Once any repairs are complete, you’re ready to start the coating process.

 The first step in making your slippery boat dock safe is to get it spotlessly clean. A pressure washer is the best means of doing this as it doesn’t require any detergent, chemicals or bleach to do a good job. Use the largest possible pressure washer you can get as the little ones may not do the job and will take a long time to get even mediocre results. The object of pressure washing is not just to make the surface clean, it’s to remove ALL dead wood fiber and rough up the surface to insure the best adhesion possible. Take your time to really blow all the crud out of the wood and remove all the loose wood fiber. If it looks a little shaggy when you’re done… perfect!

 Once the dock is clean, it needs to dry out well. Pressure treated lumber tends to hold a lot of water so several days in the sun is needed to dry the wood completely. While the wood is drying out, you can check all the fasteners and secure the dock boards if they need another nail or screw to make them hold fast to the underlying structure. 

 When the dock is dry, apply a coat of Soft Tread Wood & Concrete Primer using a fluffy nap paint roller. The object is to thoroughly saturate the dock boards without leaving any puddles on the surface of the boards. If the dock boards are widely spaced rather than snug to each other, you may want to put some plastic sheeting under the dock to catch any spills to keep from contaminating the water.  A piece of plastic sheet about 6’ wide and 10’ long is perfect as long as you tie a piece of rope to each corner. Then you can move the plastic along with you as you work from the end of the dock toward shore.

 When the Primer is dry, the Soft Tread can be applied using either the 9” Texture roller or the 4” Roller. Be sure to use the Texture Roller as a typical paint roller will not give the right type of texture to the finished job. Mask off around any cleats or pilings. Apply the Soft Tread in two moderate coats to achieve a spread rate of about 50 to 60 square feet per gallon for the total of both coats.

 Allow at least 12 hours dry time before light foot traffic and 48 hours before heavy traffic for best results. (Dry times are extended due to the fact that your dock is in a high humidity area and will cure a little slower than in a very dry environment.)

Now you’ve changed a slippery boat dock into a safe boat dock for your friends and guests.

 If you have any questions about Soft Tread, please contact us at 954-565-6001 during business hours Monday – Thursday.

Cool Roof reflects summer heat

A Cool Roof that reflects summer heat is really important to the Bimini Biological Field Station (BBFS) on the small tropical island of Bimini in the Western Bahamas. This beautiful little island is a 55 mile boat or plane ride from Ft. Lauderdale and South Florida. The BBFS  is also affectionately referred to as the “Shark Lab” due to their study of sharks in the Bahamas.Cool Roof Lemon Shark

The BBFS called Acry-Tech  with a big problem, they were HOT! The roof over their structure was dark and the summer heat in prior years was making the interior of the building so hot that they routinely got above 98 degrees INDOORS!  They needed a Cool Roof solution that would reflect the summer heat and intense tropical sun.

I told them the best solution for them would be our Cool Top Heat Reflective Roof Paint and it would absolutely provide them with a really Cool Roof. Jim Barley, the manager of the BBFS arranged to have the Cool Top applied prior to the summer of 2011 and was surprised and  thrilled with the results. The Cool Top reflected so much heat that it’s now comfortable to be indoors during the day and when they kick on the air conditioners for the night, the building cools down quickly and is so much more comfortable. They’re also saving on their air conditioning costs with their new Cool Roof!

The BBFS relies on volunteers from a number of colleges that come to Bimini to work on tagging, collecting data and gaining a deeper understanding of sharks in the local waters of the Bahamas. These volunteers are a smart bunch of kids, but these young people need to refresh and cool down after a hot day of sun baked research. Because of their new Cool Roof, they can now spend the evening and night in cool comfort instead of sweating in their beds.

A cool roof shark

  Big Lemon Shark

 These creative kids also had another idea… Jim Barley called and told me they wanted to paint a big Lemon     Shark on the roof of the building. When I asked why, he told me that the airport lies just west of the Shark Lab and   airplanes pass right over the building. They wanted to make a mark and be easily identified from the air. Jim further explained that they wanted it BIG… at least 12′ high and 44′ long! I told him I was IN so he sent a color swatch for me to match up.

5 gallons of bright yellow paint and some bikini clad painters have now created a huge calling card for the Shark Lab in Bimini. I’m proud of these kids and so happy to be able to support their efforts. I’m glad they have a Cool Roof, too. Cool enough for bare feet in the summer!

You can enjoy the benefits of Cool Top too but you don’t have to paint a shark on your roof.

BIG benefits to being Small

When visiting the local Dairy Queen, I want bigger – not small. But in my business, there are BIG benefits to being small.

 BIG benefits to being Small are:

  • I can be open and tell the truth on my blog.
  • I can be flexible and change to meet competition.
  • I can personally answer emails from my customers.
  • Decisions can be made quickly without a board of directors meeting.
  • I can spend important time answering my customers’ phone calls and questions.
  • Not having 100 different products, it means focusing on a few great ones that people love. 
  • I’m able to create a truly unique product and bring it to the marketplace and our customers in a short time span.

Sometimes it’s easy to be enamored of the larger companies in my industry; the big Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore paint stores. Once in a while my ego wants to double the size of the company and cast a larger shadow in the industry.

But, then I stop and reflect on what’s most important: meeting the needs of my customers in a profitable way with great coating products. Being smaller gives me the opportunity to truly interact with my customers, to really get to know them. My customers are not a number with me. When I spend time talking with them, I hear about their concerns, their needs, their lives and I find ways to help them with the products I make OR with a bit of wisdom I’ve picked up along the way. I’ve made some real good friends because the company has been small and I’ve had a little time to spend with customers.

The company size really doesn’t matter – it’s about serving our customers, making friends and making a profit along the way.

BIG benefits to being small – and I’m enjoying them.

If my thoughts here have sparked some ideas in you… let me know, drop me a line and share them with me or hit the “Like” button on the Acrytech Face Book  page.

How To Fix Slippery Steps

Slippery steps or stairs are very dangerous. Generally speaking, a slip and fall on a stairway can result in a painful and damaging tumble down the slippery steps. And if you’re all alone, you may lay there a long time before someone finds you. The National Safety Council Study reveals the shocking fact that nine million disabling slips and falls occur each year, but what they can’t report is the pain and suffering caused by these slips and falls.

But, you don’t have to put up with the risk caused by slippery steps – there’s an easy solution. Safe Tread Clear will transform slippery steps and eliminate the slippery surface forever. Safe Tread Clear is user friendly, it doesn’t give off smelly fumes and it dries quickly.

Here’s how to transform your slippery steps or stairs:

  1. Clean the steps well using a cleaner like Spic ‘N Span or other strong cleaner to remove any dirt, oils, or foreign matter, then rinse well to remove all cleaner residue.
  2. When the steps are dry, mask off a 3/4″ to 1″ border around the sides and back of the step. Do not mask the front of the step.
  3. Lightly sand the stair tread with a coarse sand paper or sanding sponge to rough up the surface. Don’t worry if the sand paper or the sanding sponge causes the surface to lose its glossy look. That’s good. If the steps are varnished wood, sand in the direction of the grain. Sand up to but not over the masking tape.
  4. Remove any sanding residue with a wet cloth and allow the surface to dry completely.
  5. Apply a light coat of Safe Tread Clear to the horizontal step surface and the front edge of the step with our special textured 4” roller. An evenly applied light layer is sufficient.
  6. When the first coat is dry, inspect to see if you’d like another coat. Heavily traveled stairways may benefit from a second coat. Apply the second coat the same way as the first coat was applied. Allow the coating to dry completely (around 4 hours before light foot traffic)
  7. Remove the masking tape when you’ve completed the job. It may be necessary to lightly cut along the edge of the masking tape if the coating overlays the tape in order to remove the tape cleanly.

When you’re done, you will no longer have slippery steps and you’ll be much safer.

Soft Tread Non Slip Coating

1 Gallon: $61.95

Add To Cart

You can click here to find Safe Tread Clear and you can call us Monday through Thursday from 7:30am to 3:30pm with any questions you may have at 954-565-6001. We’ll help you get rid of slippery steps.

Non Slip Coating for Safe Footing on Boat Decks

Soft Tread or Safe Tread for safe footing on boat decks.

A slippery boat deck can ruin your day. Imagine a 40# slimy catfish pulled out of the muddy Mississippi river and hauled into a flat bottomed aluminum boat. Not only is this huge fish flopping all around, ruining tackle, spilling drinks and generally creating mayhem, but he’s sliming the entire deck, seats and everyone aboard. This was the challenge a commercial fisherman relayed to me last summer. He asked: “Do you have a non slip coating that will help me stand up to the mud and slime?” My answer was… I sure do.

Commercial fishermen have a difficult time maintaining a safe footing given the conditions they encounter. Fish slime, fish guts, mud, baitfish and other slippery things find their way to the floor of the boat. With the boat bobbing and moving with every wave that comes along it makes for a dangerous condition. That’s where Safe Tread can make a huge difference by providing a safe footing on boat decks!

On the water, a minor situation can quickly become life threatening. A slippery boat deck can be an accident waiting to happen. Safe Tread Non Skid Coating is the best remedy for a slippery and dangerous boat deck. Maintaining your footing and balance is critical on a boat and it’s easy to create a safe footing with Safe Tread Safety Coating.

My customer was also complaining about the carpet on the deck of his boat. The fish slime was impossible to wash out and on a sunny day the stink was unbearable. He needed a non slip solution that would give safe footing AND be easily washed down at the end of the day. Safe Tread fit the bill exactly.

Once the carpet was pulled up and the boat deck was pressure washed, he primed the underlying aluminum deck with a self etching primer. Then he rolled on the Safe Tread with one of our special Texture Rollers. He waited until it was dry to the touch and rolled another coat onto the deck. What he created with this easy to apply waterbased product is a Non Slip Surface that provided great traction while being easy to clean.

The other big plus was the amount of weight he lost! No, not him, his boat. The weight of all that wet carpeting he removed was about 40#. The weight of the Safe Tread for his entire boat was only about 8# for the two full coats. That means he had another 32# of fish capacity and a safer boat deck.

For pleasure boats where a very foot friendly but equally effective texture is required, our Soft Tread is the answer. Pontoon Boats, Ski Boats, Boat Docks and ramps are all candidates for Soft Tread Safety Coating which is easy on bare feet, but grippy to provide a high level of safety.

A day on the water should be remembered for the fun, not for the slip and fall accident. Make your next boat outing safer with one of our great Non Slip Coatings.

Safe Tread Non Slip Coating

1 Gallon: $69.95

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Soft Tread Non Slip Coating

1 Gallon: $67.95

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Ceramic Coatings – are they hype?

Ceramic Coatings are something fairly new in the paint industry, are they hype? Lets make some sense of the subject.

Ceramic as an ingredient for paint came into vogue about two decades ago. Some paint companies sprinkled ceramic powder into their paint and touted their Ceramic Coatings as “Space Age” MAGIC. The hype they sold was fanciful and loaded with phenomenal and astronomical claims.

It’s true – Ceramic is a heat dissipating compound. The space shuttle showed how effective it is at quickly dissipating thousands of degrees of heat from a surface. But once powdered ceramic goes into a paint formula or elastomeric coating matrix, the effect is different than you would find compared to a brick of ceramic on the underbelly of the Space Shuttle. It’s not Magic… it’s simply Physics.

Powdered Ceramic does not enhance coatings or paints. It’s an expensive filler pigment. But there is a type of Ceramic that can really add something to a formulation, Ceramic Microspheres!

Ceramic Microspheres are like minature thermos bottles and they are extremely effective in creating low density Ceramic Coatings. The lower the density, the less heat is transferred. Steel is dense and conducts heat well. Styrofoam is not dense and is a good insulator. Ceramic Coatings filled with ceramic microspheres are somewhere in between those other two substances.

But there’s even more.

Color is a huge determiner of heat buildup. A bright white coating reflects heat while a colored coating absorbs more heat. The best of both worlds comes from bright white Ceramic Coatings filled with Ceramic Microspheres. Very little heat is picked up by the white ceramic coatings and only a small fraction is passed through the low density coating. The combination of white and low density is where the magic is. No hype, just simple physics

Ceramic can make a difference. But not the way some sell it.

Going Green to save money.

The Green Movement is like so many other movements… a pendulum swing that swings wide and way beyond its average position. Going Green is not as easy as it sounds. Take the idea of light bulbs. Those simple little glass orbs were once the object of my amazement. I lived in Detroit where the power company… Detroit Edison would swap out your light bulbs for free if you’d bring in a broken one. I remember standing in front of the huge bins of bulbs where you could pick out whatever size you wanted in exchange for the broken or burned out ones you brought in. 50 watt, 75 watt and my favorite, the 100 watt monsters, they were all there. No such thing as the sissy 25 watt bulbs in those bins, no sir. Electricity was cheap and we lit up the house like it was the middle of the day.

All was well for quite a few decades and now along comes the ‘greenies’ to tell us that carbon dioxide is a harmful gas. Hey… that’s what I’m breathing out for crying out loud! And they tell us that those beautiful glass orbs I’ve been so fond of are now a hazard to the environment because they use more precious electricity and create heat in the process. They tell us to get rid of these so we can save money. I wonder???

So what is the alternative? Well, after we shut down a few US Light bulb plants and lay off a few thousand American Factory Workers, we can now buy the Mercury filled curlicue bulbs from China. Be careful lest you break one of these new sissy bulbs. They’re filled with Mercury and God knows what exotic gas or compound to the extent that we are told to open all the windows in the house and let it air out well lest we inhale the dreaded Mercury and cut our lives short. Wait a minute… doesn’t opening all the windows in the home for a few hours during the summer end up requiring a lot of extra air conditioning? Or in the winter, doesn’t it require a lot more furnace activity? What about all the dreaded Carbon Dioxide being created in the process of venting the Mercury out of your house? Who’s writing all these requirements, the guys from “One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest”?

For now, I’m buying up all the incandescent bulbs I can find, stockpiling them in a secret warehouse and I’ll be selling them on the black market in another 10 years to make a fortune.

Until then, I keep my roof painted white to reflect heat. It lowers my air conditioning costs and makes my AC work a lot less. I’m saving money and doing the “Green Thing” my own way because it helps me be more comfortable in my own home. And I’m trying not to exhale too much so I don’t increase the world’s concentration of Carbon Dioxide.

Waterproof Coating for Roofs in the Bahamas

Green Turtle Cay, located in the Northern Bahamas is an idyllic paradise… until the Hurricanes come! Hurricanes can literally tear the roofs off of houses unless they’re well protected against the high winds. The Bahamas are hit every year by a Tropical Storm or Hurricane and residents there have dealt with the threat in a very sensible way, by applying a waterproof coating for roofs.

Historically the roofs in the islands were Cement Tiles over a tarpaper waterproof layer. The Cement Tiles weighed about 8# each and provided enough mass to resist strong winds. The Cement Tiles were painted white to help reflect the sun’s rays and keep the interior of the home cooler. Today however, residents that have migrated from the northern US have introduced asphalt shingles to the Islands. Hurricanes and most Tropical Storms rip shingles completely off the underlying roof decking so the latest iteration is to use something much more wind resistant.

Instead of using shingles on their roofs (thousands of individual pieces of tarpaper), the folks on Green Turtle are utilizing a cement board panel which is screwed onto the roof decking and then completely sealed with Acry-Tech’s waterproofing system. Instead of thousands of pieces of tarpaper that can fly away in a strong storm, the waterproof roof is a screwed down, One Piece – Storm Proof System.

Homes that have used the Acry-Tech products are safe and secure against high winds, pounding rain, and the fury that Mother Nature can produce.

By utilizing this new roofing method, the Green Turtle residents can finish the waterproof roofs with a bright white roof paint that fights mold, mildew and biological growth. The Super Roof Gloss they use stays bright white and reflects the vast majority of the intense sunlight, keeping the house cooler all summer long.

On Spanish Wells, another island in the Northern Bahamas, the Spanish Wells Roofing Company coats shingle roofs with the Acry-Tech Waterproofing System. They are experts at Storm Proofing shingle roofs while making them bright white and heat reflective.

Acry-Tech is supplying innovative products all around the world to solve problems and bring safety to their customers.

DuraTex Protects Sound Equipment

Touring groups are finding that DuraTex protects sound equipment and keeps it looking fresh and new. Image is everything for a touring group and DuraTex helps keep that image professional. Rental companies also find that DuraTex keeps their gear looking new and helps them maintain a more professional image in the industry.

A few weeks ago I had a wonderful opportunity to spend some time with Jared Ashley a young up and coming Country Western singer and songwriter in Nashville and got a real up close view of what happens to Pro Audio Gear on the road. (you can find Jared Ashley at or on Facebook)

When Jared pulled his speakers, monitors and subs out of his trailer and we set them up, I made a smart comment about how it looked like he had dragged some of the gear on a rope behind the trailer for a few hundred miles. Road Rash was quite evident because when a traveling group loads and unloads their gear numerous times a day, over the course of a year it really can get beat up.

Some of his OAP monitors looked trashed as the original smooth finish had a hard time standing up to the rigors of touring. Gouges, chips, worn areas and deep dents showed that this equipment had done a lot of performing and made a lot of music.

We patched up the worst damage, removed the metal corners and grills and taped off the handles in preparation to recoat. We then proceeded to rehab the monitors and other cabs with DuraTex Roller Grade Texture Coating. The results were astounding and the refinished monitors looked like new. We even banged the dents out of the grills and coated them too.

We yanked the worn rat fur off of Jared’s Yamaha monitor and transformed it into a quality looking piece that nicely matches the rest of his recoated equipment. DuraTex provided a greatly enhanced professional look to the assembled gear. Once we coated the speaker cabs, monitors and sub woofers, new corners were installed that helped provide a bit more protection to the equipment. Two coats of DuraTex and even a Third Coat makes a huge difference in the protection afforded to the speaker cabs. The durable texture finish will resist the bumps and bruises that make sound equipment look worn and unprofessional. And, DuraTex doesn’t add a lot of extra weight to the gear like the expensive spray-on bed liner products.

After a day of DuraTex work, Jared and the boys in the band were real proud of their new refurbished gear. DuraTex protects sound equipment and makes speakers look as good as they sound!

DuraTex is an Artistic Medium

Customers call me and ask… “What kind of texture can I create with DuraTex?” At that point, I simply tell them that they are only limited by their imagination.

Rembrandt could take some of the paint I sell and create a masterpiece – it’s all in the imagination and the skill of application. It’s the same way with DuraTex. It can be applied in a traditional way with a textured roller or it can be sprayed with a HVLP pressure pot sprayer. Those are the two most common application methods.

OR… you can brush it and stipple it for a coarse coral texture, use a sea sponge to dab and twist to make a swirling texture, lay a textured wall paper onto it and pull it off, pounce it with a plastic shopping bag to create a leather or Tolex look, flick droplets onto dried DuraTex with a whisk broom or stiff brush, spatter it with contrasting colors to make a granite effect, toss in flecks of glitter while the DuraTex is wet to create a shimmer, spray paint over the DuraTex to create shading effects at the corners or around handles, or use any faux finishing technique you may find on the web to create your own unique look.

Touring groups can have their own signature texture look on their equipment or their unique color combination to set them apart from the rest. Bass players tend to like a distinctive look that may match their guitar. It’s all a matter of imagination and DuraTex can be used in so many unique ways.

Let DuraTex unleash your creativity to create something distinctive. You don’t have to follow the crowd; your equipment can be wildly unique.

Prevent coating blisters!

Sometimes I scratch my head in complete confusion. I’ll have a number of very satisfied customers who’ve used a particular product and then I get the phone call from the Twilight Zone where the customer tells me how bad a product I sold him and how unhappy he is with the junk he got in the pail from us.

Case in point… we recently had a customer call because he was having a terrible blister problem when he used our Soft Tread Non Skid Coating. The phone call started to ruin my whole day so I had to summon my alter ego… Lieutenant Columbo (you remember Peter Falk with his cigar and overcoat, don’t you?).

I began the investigation by asking a ton of questions like; what was the substrate, how did you clean the surface, how long did you wait for the surface to dry, what was the weather like during this time, when did you apply the product, how did you apply the product, how soon was it before you noticed the blisters, were they air pockets or full of liquid, and on and on and on.

It wasn’t until I got a full load of answers that an answer to the problem began to arise from the depths of the dilemma.

The problem turned out to be quite common, water trapped under coating will cause blistering. The customer cleaned the surface (an exterior concrete deck) with a pressure washer. After blasting away with hundreds of gallons of water, the surface was nice and clean, but there’s a funny thing about concrete. The water soaks deeply into the concrete and the surrounding earth under the concrete gets good and wet also but the top 1/16th of an inch of concrete looks and even feels quite dry. So… you guessed it, they coated within a day or so of the cleaning process – right over the wet concrete under the thin layer of dry concrete.

Once the coating was applied, the moisture from within the concrete couldn’t get out and as the sun heated the coating, the moisture began to expand and POOF… blisters.

Well, it’s all simple in hindsight, but what can you do to prevent something like this happening with a concrete deck coating in the future? Do a MOISTURE TEST.

That’s right do a little test. Place a 3’ X 4’ piece of visqueen plastic onto the surface and weigh it down so the wind doesn’t blow under it or blow it away. Then wait a couple hours and remove the plastic. Can you see where the plastic was? If you can, what you’re noticing is the dampness that is under that thin surface layer that only seemed to be dry.

The customer wasn’t happy with the blisters, and if he had known to test first he would still be happy with our Soft Tread.

Just thought you might to know about this little test so you can head off a problem before it starts.

Counterfeit Life in the 21st Century

The news media constantly bombards us with the happenings of the day and generously offers to interpret what that news means in a “fair and balanced” way because we’re way too busy to really reflect on what they’re saying and to study the topics that are flying at us at the speed of light. We’re so busy we need to filter everything just to keep the top of our heads from exploding upwards. We settle for scanning headlines or getting our information in tight little packets or tweets, we read emails at the stoplights in the middle of the busy-ness that fills our lives and we even text message with parsed characters to save time. We’re harried, we feel we are falling behind and we are frustrated that life is getting even more complicated every day.

I miss Mayberry. The song by a country artist says it well. We miss the simpler life, simpler relationships, simpler communication and we don’t know how to go there. But maybe what we really miss is the significance in relationships, the significance of communication and most importantly the significance of life itself?

Relationships are an area where the counterfeit shines so brightly that people miss the real thing. I see people on Facebook that have 1500 “friends” and I know from my own experience that it’s impossible to have that many real friends. I can manage one or two real friends and that’s about it! Acquaintances… sure you can have 1500 of them, but let’s don’t pretend that they are real friends. Friends are people that you share your heart with, people that will remind you of the melody when your soul forgets the song. Friends are ones with whom you share intimacy (In-To-Me-See), people what you’ve allowed into your heart and who really know what makes you tick and they love you in spite of your idiosyncrasies, faults, quirks and mannerisms. They are people that can finish your sentences and who will be REAL with you as you are completely open and honest with them. Facebook can be a counterfeit to relationships. So can LinkedIn, My Space and dozens of other social networking platforms.

Belief in the counterfeit prevents people from looking deeper to find the real thing. Communication is a lost art. We’ve allowed all manner of counterfeits to take the place of true communication. Husbands and wives don’t take the time to sit and really discuss their hearts desires, their passions, their pains or their fears with one another because we’re too darn busy. We’re busy with the kids, busy with TV, busy working on the computer playing solitaire or surfing the web, busy with our own projects, so busy preparing for a tomorrow that we miss out on the present – the only real time we have to live. We text one another, we forward mindless emails; we offer sound bites to each other as we fly out the door, we’ve fully invested in the “fools gold” that shines so brightly but is totally worthless. People don’t realize that communication is an art, it takes attention, it takes focus, it happens in the NOW moment and it is an imperative to a fulfilling life. Communication happens when one person presents an intention, the intention is received and acknowledged by the other person and an expression is made to affirm that the intention was received as it was intended with the correct meaning. Then and only then has the intention made a full circle and an idea or thought has been truly communicated. Blasting bits of text into the air is NOT communication. Belief in the counterfeit prevents people from looking deeper to find the real thing. OK, so I have a real passion against the counterfeit communication that is so in vogue today.

I really desire to experience a significant life and not a counterfeit life, but there are so many things that are counterfeits to a truly significant life. What could be a counterfeit of a significant life you ask… well how about a spectacular life? The objective of a significant life may be training a young boy to be a good man whereas a spectacular life may mean becoming a rock star or a wealthy business person, a movie star or climbing the corporate ladder. Some people want to experience a deep relationship with God and settle for a regiment of church attendance or the spectacular experience of being the head of a church committee. Been there… done that.

In the movie with Billy Crystal and Jack Palance entitled “City Slickers”, Curley (Jack Palance) the crusty old cowboy leader tells the group of city boys that are off on a cattle drive to experience the old west, “you have to find the ONE THING“! His intention was to challenge the city boys to find the one thing that was most significant in their lives and to concentrate on that ONE THING as a way to alleviate all the other problems in their lives. Cowboy wisdom for sure.

What is the ONE THING for you? What one thing do you really want to be known for? What would you like to have written on your tombstone? What would you be most proud of accomplishing with this life you have? What’s your purpose? What is it you have to offer mankind? Why do you think God made you uniquely as you are? What passion and skill set can you utilize to be the most significant? What do you want to offer the world? Significant or spectacular, Truth or counterfeit? Are you looking for significance or do you need to see your name in lights? Are you seeking Truth or mindlessly settling for the counterfeit?

Spend a little time thinking about these things, and discuss them with your spouse or best friend – it can change your life. My choice is… I don’t want to live a counterfeit life!

Avoid Slip and Fall Lawsuits with Non Slip Safety Coatings

There was a problem the other day at a California National Landmark. A visiting tourist slipped on the steps leading up to the building and hurt herself. The Historical Society quickly became concerned not only for the woman’s wellbeing and physical condition, but for a huge financial liability if a lawsuit were to develop.

Maintaining safe footing for guests is truly a matter of Maintenance! Trouble arises when the complexity or the cost of that maintenance makes it easy to put off for another time, putting people at risk

Shingle Roof Waterproofing System

Storm Proof or Waterproof your Shingle Roof & Make Your Home Cooler, Too!  Revolutionary New Roof Restoration System gives unmatched protection against Heat, Sun, Wind and Rain, so your home is more secure and comfortable.  Our STORM-PROOF RESTORATION SYSTEM prevented untold damage to shingle roofs in South Florida and in the Bahamas as it stood up to Hurricanes Andrew, Floyd, Charley (change spelling), Frances, Ivan, Jeanne, Katrina, Rita, Wilma and Irene with no storm damage.

DuraTex Comes To Canada

We’re proud to have McBride Loudspeaker / Q-Components in Waterloo Ontario, Canada as the distributor of DuraTex for the Canadian market. The owner, Terry McBride has a long successful history and is committed to providing his customers superior quality products. Terry and his customers have found DuraTex to be a great product for hobbists as well as the production speaker builders.  The long history of DuraTex and the outstanding customer acceptance means that the product will surely be accepted and appreciated by the Canadian speaker builders for a long time.

McBride stocks a wide range of speaker components and parts for the audio industry and provides parts for OEM, Pro Audio and hobby builders. We welcome McBride Loudspeaker / Q-Components and look forward to their great success.

Contact them at or 519-884-3500

New Dealer In Mexico For Duratex Speaker Coating Products

Adrian Soto of Sonora Cases in Mexico is our newest dealer for the DuraTex line of products. Sonora Cases specializes in road cases and once they tried the DuraTex they were hooked. We’ve provided them an exclusive opportunity to distribute DuraTex to all of Mexico and they are working hard to spread the good news about DuraTex. They can be reached at

2 New – Zero VOC Formulas Now Ready For The Market

Final testing of our Soft Tread and Safe Tread non skid coatings are complete and we are presenting these ZERO VOC formulations to the market. Our concern for the environment has led us to find innovative ways to reduce pollution by drastically cutting the solvents typically used in formulating paints and coatings. These products are GREEN, environmentally and user friendly.

Heat Reduction for UPS.

Heat buildup is not only uncomfortable, it can be dangerous. UPS has always been concerned about the heat in their trailers as heat can damage shipments and make workers very uncomfortable.

To accomplish heat reduction in the trailers, Acry-Tech worked very hard with UPS and their vendors that build the road trailers. Because worker safety and comfort is important, UPS chose to test our CeramaX coating using sophisticated measuring equipment. They tested the CeramaX right beside a couple leading brands of ceramic coatings.

CeramaX passed the test! An application of a CeramaX ceramic coating is now applied to all the roofs on the trailers manufactured for UPS.

UPS found another huge benefit, too. They saved a lot of money! They found that CeramaX was about 1/3 the cost of the brand they had been using and further… the benefits were the same. This was a huge savings and UPS has specified our coating now to its overseas manufacturers.

Acry-Tech is a leader in developing unique specialty coatings for niche markets. The work we’ve done with UPS, Stoughton Trailer, Great Dane Trailers and Kentucky Trailers is proof of Acry-Tech’s ability to deliver the freight!

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